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   Chapter 155 Failed

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9123

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After Louisa and Bran left, Bruce looked at his driver with a long face. Why couldn't he just wait downstairs? Now that he had selected to stay, there was no need for Bruce to stay in the hospital.

The driver stood there with an innocent face. He really didn't know how he offended Mr. Bruce. Why did his young master look at him like this? He came here just according to the order of Bruce.

"What are you doing here?" Bruce angrily asked his driver. It reminded Bruce of the stupid thing he had done.

Hearing that, the driver answered carefully, "I have to take care of Mr. Bruce here, which Miss Louisa told me before she left. So before Miss Louisa comes back, I won't leave. "

Although Bruce looked so horrible and he wanted to leave here right now. But he had promised that he wouldn't leave until Louisa came back.

Hearing the driver's words, Bruce looked at him coldly and said, "don't you listen to me now? Or my words don't work on you anymore? "

Since when did they have the right to say no to Bruce? They were getting more and more unruly. If it was not for the sake of Louisa, he would have already taught them a lesson.

"No, I don't dare. It's just that Mr. Bruce is really in bad health now. So I'd better leave after Miss Louisa comes back. "

The driver couldn't help trembling after hearing what Bruce said. But in the end, he still managed to speak out his thoughts, although he was really scared.

"Fuck off! Don't bother me!"

Why was he so stubborn? Bruce just urged him to leave as soon as possible. How could he be so stubborn?

"Yes." When he saw that Bruce was really angry, he didn't dare to insist anymore. He said yes respectfully and then turned away.

As soon as the driver left, Bruce was satisfied and lay down on the bed. Then Bruce took a picture of himself with his mobile phone and sent it to Louisa.

The title Bruce arranged for the photo was "injured". It was too miserable that no one took care of him. He then added with a pitiful look on his face, and after he sent the message, he sat there with assurance. Bruce played with his phone and believed that the call would come in soon.

On the other side, Nora came to Justina's ward in a panic, sneaking into it. When she saw no one in the room, Nora breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why are you here?" Seeing Nora, Justina asked in surprise. Now that Nora was here, did it mean that they had reached their goal.

With a guilty conscience, Nora came to Justina and said, "our plan has failed."

The plan should have been perfect, but now it was out of control.

"What the hell are you doing? Didn't you promise me before that everything would go well? "

After listening to Nora's words, the c

he wouldn't be so miserable now. Now, Nora needed to respect her daughter's decision. She was so pathetic.

A dash of shame flashed across that man's face after he heard that. But before long, that man looked at Nora with flattering eyes and said, "don't be angry. I didn't know they could be so bad. If I had known that they were so useless, I wouldn't have introduced them to you. "

In fact, he was close to those people in his daily life, and they had never made mistakes in doing anything. But this time, out of his expectation, what happened to them?

He was so unlucky. He thought he could earn some money by doing so, but it turned out to be such a bad result. But now, Nora came to criticize him. What a bad luck.

"How can I not be angry? Now you have to figure out which hospital Bruce is in. If we fail to get them out of the police station before Bruce did, we would be doomed. "

If Nora had known this, she would not have appeared. Now that the four had seen her, if they could not stand the interrogation, she would be really doomed.

"I know you must be very worried now. But those men are my brothers. I know them well? Even if Bruce asked someone to do it personally, they wouldn't say anything. They have no other meanings except friendship. "

That man patted on the chest and made a promise arrogantly after hearing Nora's words. He couldn't say anything else to his buddy, but he was sure of it.

"Open the door." Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Both Nora and the man got a fright when they heard the voice. They looked at the door alertly and didn't know what those people wanted to do.

They looked at each other. At last, Nora said to the man, "open the door."

No matter what others want to do or who they are, it is not a good idea to hide here all the time.

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