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   Chapter 148 Self Protection Of Jean (Part One)

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No matter what was going on in Nora's mind, after hearing what Bruce said, she had to bite the bullet and said, "everyone saw it with their own eyes. Even though Louisa doesn't want to admit it, there were witnesses here. Louisa can't escape."

Now that things had come to this point, they had no choice but to retreat. Besides, for the sake of their glorious future, Nora wouldn't flinch.

"Hahaha..." after listening to Nora's words, Bruce suddenly burst into laughter.

Hearing his laughter, Nora felt rather uncomfortable and diffidently looked at Bruce and asked, "what are you laughing at?"

The man didn't say anything and just smiled at her, which made her freak out. He should have to put it plainly. At least she knew what was on Bruce's mind.

"Mrs. Nora, are you being so naive or are you just trying to make fun of me. What we see is not necessarily true. What's more, we saw that when Justina and Louisa be together and Justina fell down the stairs. We didn't see that Louisa really pushed Justina downstairs. So what you said does not exist at all. "

Bruce thought it was a conspiracy of Justina. She could not only quietly deal with the baby in her womb, but also put the blame on Louisa. Justina was really good at killing two birds with one stone. What was a wishful thinking.

However, the security camera had recorded all of these by accident. That was totally out of Justina's expectation. Right now, Bruce had a copy of the surveillance video in his hand. He was the CEO of Mu's Group. If he couldn't handle this matter, he would have been arrested.

"What are you talking about? Justina is still in hospital for you. How could you say that? "

After hearing what Bruce said, Nora was shocked. Unexpectedly, Bruce had already known it, but Nora still pretended to be hurt and was unwilling to admit that it was their plan.

Bruce looked at Nora with a smile, as if everything was under his control. Nora looked at Bruce and knew that her coming was in vain.

Bruce would never let them have their way. And they would even ruin their reputation because of this.

At the thought of this, Nora broke out in a cold sweat and looked at Bruce in fear. Now

hat Louisa was innocent.

Now Bruce even threatened her for the sake of Louisa. If he cared about Louisa so much, she would not be so polite.

Just at this moment, Louisa opened the door from outside with a fruit basket in her hand. She felt the unusual atmosphere inside. Embarrassed, Louisa stood at the door and asked, "may I come in?"

She didn't know why she had a feeling that the atmosphere in the ward was unusual now. Suddenly she felt a little regret for coming here. But she was still worried if she didn't come.

"What are you doing here? Are you here to check if I'm dead or not? If that is the case, I'm afraid I will let you down. I'm still alive. You'd better go back. "

Shouted Justina, who was in a bad mood, to the door.

Did Louisa say this to irritate her on purpose? Bruce just finished irritating them, when Louisa appeared here. Did they have a deal to irritate Justina on purpose.

After listening to Justina's words, Louisa shook her head in disdain. Louisa put the fruit basket on the table by herself. She had anticipated that before she came here, Justina would say something like that.

"I also want an answer, so I come here to see you. You don't even care about your own child just to set me up? "

These days, Louisa still couldn't figure out that even if Justina didn't like her and wanted to revenge her for being with Bruce. There was no need to sacrifice her own child. It was her flesh and blood after all.

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