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   Chapter 147 Threat

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After hearing what Justina said, an evil and attractive smile appeared on Nora's face. Nora looked at the ground complacently, as if she could see her happy future.

"Well, if that's the case, then let's do it. But you can't go to find Bruce. Even if we can't threaten me, there is still room for us to solve the problem. You can pretend that you don't know about it and leave me alone. "

Nora promised to Justina, patting her chest. If Justina stood out to threaten Bruce, Bruce would have a bad impression on her.

So the best way to deal with this matter was that Justina to pretend not to know about it.

"Thank you for everything. Today, I hope you can have a good talk with Bruce. I'll let Mu family know that I'm still in the hospital. "

In fact, that was what Justina had planned to do. She was glad that Nora had spoken it out. Otherwise, Nora would think that Justina was making use of her.

"Okay, I'm going to meet Bruce right now. I'd like to see how important Louisa is in Bruce's heart. "

Nora promised immediately. Finishing her words, Nora was about to leave with her belongings. Seeing Nora's reaction with satisfaction, Justina was pleased.

Justina nodded to Nora and watched her leave. A cold smile appeared on Justina's face after she saw Nora leave.

Justina also wanted to wait to see how important Louisa was in Bruce's heart. And in the face of this situation, how could he make a choice.

If Bruce married her, Bruce would never marry Louisa.

But if Bruce didn't marry her, it meant that he didn't care so much about Louisa, let alone they wanted to be together.

Nora didn't know what was on Justina's mind. She just followed Justina's words and came to Mu's Group in a huff. Without Bobby's permission, Nora went straight to Bruce's office.

Bobby stopped Nora from entering the office of Bruce and said, "Mrs. Nora, Mr. Bruce is busy now. He can't meet you now."

Judging from the Nora's menacing face, Bobby knew that something bad had happened to Bruce. Their CEO had been having a headache recently. He would better stop her from making trouble for Bruce.

"What could be more important than the miscarriage of your CEO. I want to see your CEO today. You'd better get out of my way. "

After hearing Bobby's words, Nora looked at him with arrogance. She seemed to despise Bobby and Nora's indifference to Bobby didn't made his face change.

However, after hearing that, Bobby's expression changed a little.

If they hadn't investigated those things before, he might have been afraid of Nora. But now he got to know the truth and he didn't take Nora seriously.

However, as a qualified secretary, Bobby didn't show his true emotions on the surface, even if he didn't like Nora at all.

"Sorry, I can't get

uld naturally become less arrogant. Bruce with such intimidating bearing just now was not a man that ordinary people could deal with.

After listening to Nora's words, the expression on Bruce's face was even colder.

Then Bruce said to Nora with a hint of sarcasm, "I thought you wanted to tell me about the thing about Louisa. If that's all you want to say, then we have nothing to talk about. As for Justina, I know what I'm doing. You have no say in it. "

Nora didn't understand her status, and Bruce didn't allow anyone to tell him what he wanted to do. He wouldn't have let Nora in if she hadn't mentioned Louisa.

"You." Nora never expected that Bruce would be so merciless to say such words.

Looking at Nora, Bruce frowned with displeasure. He didn't say anything, but sat down on his seat, wanting to deal with the business.

"Okay, okay. Are you going to talk about what happened to Louisa? Then let me tell you about Louisa. She pushed Justina downstairs and made her lose her baby. It is obvious to all. If we sue Louisa, she will be put into prison for murder. "

Nora shouted at Bruce angrily as she saw him off. Since Bruce was so unkind, Nora didn't have to be polite anymore. He cared about Louisa, didn't he? Then Nora would like to see how Bruce would choose in this situation.

So Bruce looked up at Nora. With a smile at the corners of Bruce mouth, he said slowly, "are you sure it is the Justina that has been pushed by Louisa, not that Justina rolled down herself?"

Bruce didn't expect that Justina and Nora would come up with this idea, but they really underestimated him. Did they think that he would yield to Justina so easily?

After hearing Bruce's words, Nora looked at him with confusion and asked, "what do you mean?"

Nora somehow felt that Bruce had known something. She had a bad feeling about this.

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