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   Chapter 146 The Truth

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9674

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However, Rod didn't know whether the thing was missing or not. It would be fine if Rod had hid it, but it would have been troublesome if it had been taken away.

"So what he said is true. Why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant. You made me so guilty when I was outside just now. Have you ever thought about my feelings? "

Nora questioned Justina with anger. If Justina had greeted her in advance, she would not have felt so guilty when being stared at by Bruce just now. Or what Rod had said was true? Justina didn't believe her at all.

Thinking of this, Nora looked angry. She didn't expect that this was how Justina thought of her. All she did was for the sake of Justina?

After hearing what Nora said, Justina said in a casual way, "it's not an important thing. What can you do for me if I tell you. Even if you didn't know, you were still good at acting. They didn't find anything wrong. But you know, if they tell others, it will be troublesome. "

Justina didn't think it was worth quarreling because it was not a big deal. In the past, no matter what Justina said, Nora would support her unconditionally.

No matter what Justina did to Nora, Nora would not blame her.

"It turns out that you really don't believe me. This matter is so important to you. How can I tell others?"

After hearing what Justina said, Nora looked at her disappointedly. In the past, she didn't believe what Rod said, but now, after hearing what Justina said personally, she only felt disappointed.

Not until then did Justina realize that Nora was really angry this time. So she looked at Nora with a fawning face and said, "mother, I didn't mean that. The less trouble the better. I didn't think so much. I was not considerate this time. Don't get angry with me. "

If Nora lost her temper, Justina didn't know who else she could trust. In fact, it was not because she didn't trust Nora. Justina just didn't tell her because it would cause unnecessary troubles.

However, it seemed that Nora misunderstood. Nora thought that Justina didn't believe her, so Nora got so angry.

Standing outside the ward, Frank looked at the two people in the ward in shock. Frank just wanted to come back to see what was going on, but he heard their conversation.

He also heard such a shocking secret. It turned out that the truth was like this. Justina was really heartless. She did such a terrible thing behind their back.

What surprised him most was that Rod was with Justina. If Alina knew that, she would be very sad.

At the thought of this, Frank looked at the two people in the ward perplexedly, wondering whether he should go on listening to their conversation.

After hearing what Justina said, Nora's face softened a little. However, they both kept silent for a while.

Seeing this, Frank turned and left, having no desire to listen anymore. Then Frank turned around

hat benefit will it bring you into Mu family. The worst result is that Louisa has been punished. It won't do anything to help you. "

After hearing what Justina said, Nora looked at her in confusion. Now it was not the key to find fault with Louisa. What happened to Louisa had nothing to do with them.

The top priority now was to let Bruce marry Justina. That was the key.

"Hey, what do you want me to say about you. If Bruce really cares about Louisa, then we can threaten him with this matter. At that time, even for the sake of Louisa, Bruce will have to yield. "

Looking at Nora, Justina was confused. Nora used to be a smart woman, but now she was getting more and more stupid after she got involved with Mu family.

In fact, Justina had said so many words to persuade Nora, but Nora still didn't understand what she meant.

After listening to Justina's words, Nora had a feeling of being enlightened. Why didn't Nora think about it? Justina was clever enough to come up with such an idea.

"You are clever enough to do that. Bruce cared about Louisa, didn't he? Now let him make a choice and see what he will choose. "

At the thought of this, Nora suddenly came up with a question. If Bruce knew that and still didn't get married with Justina, what should they do.

At the thought of this, Nora asked, "if Bruce still doesn't marry you, what should we do?"

In the end, they both lost their lives. Besides, Nora didn't believe that Bruce would sacrifice his happiness for a woman.

"If Bruce didn't do this for Louisa, it means that Bruce doesn't care about that. In that case, it will be easier for us to deal with it. Do you think I am not able to defeat Bruce? "

After listening to Nora's words, Justina smiled disdainfully. Justina was very confident in her look. If Bruce really didn't care about Louisa so much.

Justina was confident that she could make Bruce fall in love with her.

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