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   Chapter 145 The Gap

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However, Bran did realize one thing now, that was, someone had bullied his mother.

Thinking of that, Bran looked at Frank angrily. Frank even had an illusion that if Justina was here, she would certainly be taught a hard lesson by Bran.

"It has nothing to do with me. So don't try to involve the innocent."

Seeing Bran's expression, Frank got out of suspicion first. If Bran hated him, he would be the most innocent person in the world.

After hearing what Frank said, Bran cast a scornful glance at him and said, "of course I know that this matter has nothing to do with you. Otherwise, do you really think that you can stand in front of me safe and sound?"

Bran really couldn't understand why a smart man like Frank could be so careless at critical moments.

Bran words silenced Frank, who had been looked down upon by Bran all this time. He wondered whom he had offended, and now he was even looked down upon by Bran. But he was an adult and didn't like kids. That was why he gave the way to Bran.

Thinking of this, Frank could only comfort himself like this, because in addition to comforting himself, he did not know what else to do.

Seeing that her mother didn't look good, Bran immediately comforted her, "Mom, don't be sad. Bran believed in you. This matter has nothing to do with you. It must be a plot made by that Justina. "

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa looked at Bran with a touched expression on her face. If nobody in the world trusted her, at least Bran would believe her unconditionally.

"Well, since you have arrived home safely, I have finished my task. Have a good rest at home. Don't think too much. I'll tell you later if anything new comes up. I'll go back first. "

Seeing that Bran and Louisa got along so well with each other, Frank felt relieved. Now that Bran took care of Louisa, Frank was not afraid that Louisa would make blind and disorderly conjectures. Frank had to go back to check what was going on there.

After listening to Frank's words, Louisa said to him gratefully, "thank you for helping me today. Thank you for believing me."

She was not very familiar with Frank. No matter what reason he said about their relationship.

Even though Louisa hadn't taken it seriously, she was really grateful that Frank was willing to believe her under such a circumstance today.

"You're welcome. It's not your fault, so don't worry about it. That's it. I'll go back first. "

Frank walked towards the door, leaving Louisa and Bran behind. Frank didn't know what was going on there, so he decided to go to the hospital first.

Frank didn't expect that Justina could be so troublesome that she even thought of ways of miscarriage. Justina was really vicious.

After seeing Frank off, Bran looked at Louisa seriously and asked, "Mom, what on earth happened? Tell me. Don't keep it to yourself. "

He believed that this had nothing to do with Louisa, but it didn't mean that others would believe it. Although they didn't care what other people thought, they couldn't let go of that

ut the pregnancy of Justina. At the thought of this, Rod looked at Nora with a sarcastic look on his face. And the sarcastic look on his face made Nora even more anxious to go back to ask Justina what did she mean by that.

What made people most angry was what Rod had said, which meant that Justina didn't believe in her as Justina's biological mother.

Was she going to do harm to Justina? All she did was for Justina's good. However, Nora didn't know how to refute it.

"I think you'd better go back and have a talk with Justina. I have something to deal with in the company, so I go back first. After you go back, you can tell Justina what I have said. I believe that she knows what to do."

Then Rod stood up and left, without noticing the different expressions on Nora's face. Only Nora sat there in amazement and then became angry gradually.

In the end, Nora took her belongings and went straight to the hospital. Now she had to figure out what was on Justina's mind.

'I have worked so hard for so many years. All I did was for her, but now my daughter doesn't believe me anymore.'

When Nora arrived at the hospital, Justina just woke up. Justina opened her eyes and looked at Nora. "Have you got the stuff?" Justina asked.

It seemed that Justina had overestimated her health. After all, she had really lost the baby, so she was still very weak. She fell asleep quickly.

"Rod said that the things were missing. He doesn't know who had taken them. And he said he didn't care to threaten you with these things if you didn't believe him. He knows everything you have done, including the baby you are carrying. "

After hearing Justina's words, Nora deliberately repeated the words of Rod, in order to see how Justina would react.

Unexpectedly, after hearing Nora's words, Justina looked at Nora calmly and said, "as you know, this is Rod's mouth. How can I trust someone like him?"

Justina didn't plan to tell Nora about her pregnancy, but now that Nora had already known it, Justina decided to let it go.

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