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   Chapter 141 Pregnancy

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Bobby didn't know why he didn't like this Justina, and he was not wrong either. Louisa didn't come out of the office the whole afternoon since she entered the president's office. Everyone could guess what a man and a woman were doing inside the room.

So it seemed that in their president's heart, Bruce still liked Louisa. In that case, as Louisa's good friend, Bobby would do it for her.

After Justina left the company angrily, Louisa came out of the lounge. Without glancing at Bruce, she went straight back to her office.

After Louisa left, Bruce sighed. It seemed that Louisa was really angry this time. He had really gone too far. But he didn't regret it at all. It was better than nothing even if she hated him.

On the other side, after Justina left Mu's Group in a huff, she got more and more angry. She was not reconciled. So she took out her phone and made a phone call to Rod. After that, she got in the car and left.

After receiving the phone call from Justina, Rod immediately took his coat and left the company. People of Glory's group thought something bad had happened when they saw the hasty steps of their president.

Half an hour later, in the city's most famous hotel, Rod opened the door of one of the rooms. Justina looked around to see if there was anyone else, and then she pulled Rod in.

"Do you know what happened to Louisa?" Before Rod could even stand firm on the ground, he asked anxiously.

After listening to the words of Rod, the face of Justina, who was not in a good mood, became even heavier. Why does everyone care so much about Louisa? And now Rod even care about Louisa.

"Don't tell me you like Louisa, too." After hearing the question, Justina looked at Rod with scorn. When these words came out of her mouth, there was a deep sense of disdain. Seeing the look on her face, Rod couldn't help but pull a long face.

With a long face, Rod said to Justina, "it's none of your business whether I like Louisa or not. Now, you just need to answer my question."

This woman was really getting more and more confused about her own identity. And now she dared to mock him. It seemed that he was so kind these days that this woman forgot her identity.

"Louisa is with Bruce now. Do you still want to snatch her away from Bruce?"

Hearing the slightly disgruntled tone of Rod, Justina was not angry, but looked at him with a smile.

But according to what Justina had said, Justina didn't like Rod at all. Now that Louisa had fallen in love with Bruce, Rod didn't have the guts to take Louisa away.

"Oh, it's Louisa and Bruce. No wonder I smelled jealousy. You just couldn't catch Bruce now you come to me for comfort. It seems that Bruce is not a real gentleman. How could he do such a thing? "

Although Rod was not happy with what Justina said, he finally knew why Justina


"It's good that you know that. I have to go back to my company to deal with some business. Don't mess around with Louisa, and don't put the blame on Louisa for your miscarriage. Otherwise, you should know what I'm capable of. I won't let you go. "

Then, Rod turned around and left. Not until the figure of Rod disappeared from the room did Justina said with a look of unwillingness on her face, "Damn it! Why do you have to be surrounded by all the men?

Not only those men of Mu family, but now even Rod had warned me just for the sake of Louisa. What's so good about that bitch Louisa that they all came to warn me for her."

Now that they all cared about Louisa so much, she'd like to see what they would do for Louisa. A vicious plan came into Justina's mind.

After Louisa left Bruce's office, she immediately packed her things and went back home. Now she was not a reckless child. She wouldn't resign because of something.

But now she really couldn't face Bruce. So she'd better go home and stay for a while.

Looking at Bran who was playing his computer after Louisa came back, Bran ran to her in surprise and asked, "Mom, why do you come back so early? Did you skip work? "

Looking at Louisa, Bran's head was killing him, as if he was going to collapse if Louisa nodded her head. Bran had never been so worried before, but since Louisa met Bruce, Bran became more and more abnormal.

Bran's heart was broken. Bran couldn't help but feel sad when he thought of this.

"The project is almost finished. I have nothing to do in the company. So I came back. I'm a little tired. I'll go upstairs and have a rest. Don't bother me if there is nothing important. "

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa gave a few perfunctory words to Bran and then went upstairs. Looking at Louisa's back, Bran knew that something must have happened.

But he didn't ask her yet.

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