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   Chapter 140 The Rupture

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After thinking for a long while, Louisa compromised. Then she picked up the papers on the desk and went to Bruce's office.

As a matter of fact, Louisa was afraid that the information would be needed. Still worried, she sent the documents to Bruce's office.

"Bang!" Louisa stood in front of the office of Bruce and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Soon enough, Bruce's voice came out from the office, but she was sensitive to find that his voice was much colder today.

Noticing the displeasure on Bruce's face, Louisa seemed to have understood why Bobby asked her to come here.

It turned out that Bruce was in a bad mood. Bobby didn't dare to come here himself, so he asked her to come here. Now she really wanted to sigh at the fact that it was careless to make friends with Bobby. Bobby was pushing her into a big trouble.

But now that it had happened, Louisa took a deep breath and pushed open the door of Bruce's room. Because she had nowhere to go now. No matter how reluctant she was, she had to go in.

"What is it?" Bruce asked coldly, while he was dealing with the documents. He even didn't raise his head to see who was coming in.

Hearing Bruce's voice, Louisa put the file on his desk. Then she went back to spot and said in a low voice, "Bobby asked me to give you these files. Please have a look. If there is nothing else, I will go out now."

Hearing that, Bruce held the pen in his hand and paused. Then he raised his head and looked at Louisa in front of him.

Bruce couldn't help but recall the scene that she got on Ben's car yesterday.

At the thought of this, Bruce's face darkened. He looked at Louisa coldly and asked, "who are you hurrying to meet? Is it Ben or Frank? "

With these words, Bruce even laughed sarcastically, as if he disdained Louisa very much. Even Louisa heard a little disdainful from Bruce's word.

"I don't know what you are talking about. If there isn't anything else, please excuse me."

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa felt sad. But in order not to make Bruce laugh at her, she still pretended to be calm.

"Why don't you want to talk to me now? You have a new boyfriend and don't want to talk to me, an old love."

As Bruce spoke, he stood up from his seat and walked closer to Louisa step by step. Even though Louisa noticed his action, she kept stepping back. She didn't stop until she felt that her back was against the wall.

"What on earth do you want? We have nothing to do with each other now. It seems that you don't care who I am going to meet. "

They had nothing to do with each other now. Why did Bruce put on such a look when he knew he was betrayed. Louisa hadn't say anything yet. Who was the real betrayer? How could he do this.

"Since you don't have self-respect, there is no need for me to respect you. I will let you know right now whether it has anything t

as standing there with a long face while passing through the office.

After listening to Bobby's words, Justina raised a smile and asked, "I have something to ask my sister, but I didn't see her. Do you know where she is now?"

Justina didn't want to admit that the person in Bruce's lounge was Louisa, because in her impression, Louisa was not that kind of person.

Therefore, in a word, Justina still wanted to get away from Louisa by luck.

After listening to Justina's words, Bobby looked at the empty office and asked doubtfully, "Louisa haven't come back yet? I asked her to send some documents to CEO. But a long time has passed. Louisa hasn't come back yet. She must have gone to somewhere else. "

Bobby had never thought that Bruce would treat Louisa so badly in the company. Because their CEO was the symbol of abstinence in their hearts.

How could Bruce do such a thing? So Bobby had no heart to say so.

But there was a saying that I said it unintentionally and unintentionally. After listening to Bobby's words, the look on Justina's face became even worse. It seemed that the person in the lounge was indeed Louisa, but she had underestimated Louisa.

It had been seven years since the last time they met. Justina didn't expect that Louisa would do such a shameless thing. Louisa was so lofty before, but it was only a dirty trick.

"I know. It's not something important. Thank you, Mr. Bobby. "

After that, Justina turned around and left, without noticing the flash of smugness on Bobby's face behind her. In fact, Bobby did it on purpose. He was a smart man, so how could he make such a mistake.

Justina had a bad relationship with Louisa, it was not a secret in the company now. Justina must have come to see Louisa on purpose. Justina did it on purpose.

And Bobby also hoped that Bruce would marry Louisa, so Bobby did Bruce a favor which made Justina misunderstand.

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