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   Chapter 139 Trouble Coming

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9849

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A smile appeared on Ben's face when he saw that Louisa finally signed the share transfer agreement. At this moment, the waiter also served the dishes. After the meal, Ben sent them back.

While on the other side, looking at the pregnancy test paper in her hand, Justina was completely shocked. It turned out she was pregnant indeed, although they had intended to do so.

But now she was really pregnant. How could she be so unsure.

Anyway, she was pregnant now. Even if Bruce really knew something, he could not do anything to her before there was evidence. Thinking of this, Justina looked complacent and put the gifts in her bag.

She planned to take it out sometime, or it would be troublesome if it was seen by Mu family

The next day, Louisa arrived at the company early in the morning. The Swan project was about to end. It was also time for her to consider leaving.

Thinking of this, Louisa couldn't help but feel depressed. But she still forced herself to cheer up and deal with the work.

"What? Now you finally know that I am your boss, not the superior look. You didn't expect this to happen, did you? It's funny that your sister took a man from you. You're so coward, "said Michelle.

After sending the documents to Michelle, Louisa was satirized by her. Michelle was not very fond of Louisa before, and now Louisa was separated from Bruce, and Justina meddled in it.

Although Michelle was very angry about what happened between Justina and Bruce, she would never give up such a good opportunity.

"Miss Michelle, this is the late design drawing of the Swan project. If there isn't anything else, I'll go back first. "

After hearing that, Louisa felt a sharp pain in her heart. However, she looked at Michelle without any facial expression. After putting the documents on Michelle's desk, she turned around and was about to leave.

"Wait, are you ignoring me now? Do you really think you are still the former Louisa? I didn't make a fuss with you before just because you were Bruce's fiancee. Do you still think that I dare not do anything to you now? "

Seeing that Louisa was about to leave, Michelle stopped her in displeasure.

Previously, Bruce protected Louisa so that she couldn't do anything to Louisa. But now Louisa still behaved so lofty. Did Louisa really think that she dared not do anything to her?

After hearing what Michelle said, Louisa turned to look at Michelle and said seriously, "Miss Michelle, I don't care why you dislike me. I'm leaving soon, so I don't think it's necessary for you to hold a grudge against me. "

Louisa knew that Michelle also liked Bruce. Michelle didn't like her before because of Bruce. To Louisa's surprise, now that she had nothing to do with Bruce, why did Michelle still treat her like this.

"What did you say? Are you leaving? " After hearing what Louisa said, Michelle looked at her in surprise.

It seemed that she didn't expect that

returned to her office, she returned to her seat angrily. She shouldn't have listened to Ben and Susie and went back to work. 'It's really a terrible feeling that those people don't like me.'

But the good thing was that she was leaving soon. Thus, she didn't have to face these people anymore. At the thought of this, Louisa smiled. Then she began to work, so that she could finish her work earlier and leave early.

Before Louisa could finish her work in her office in the afternoon, Bobby suddenly appeared in her office like a gust of wind.

"Bobby, what's wrong? What happened? " "Why did you come here?" Louisa asked.

Why did Bobby come to her office on his own initiative now? Why was Bobby acting so strange this time. Did anything happen?

"Louisa. Are we friends?" Bobby asked abruptly, instead of answering Louisa's question.

After listening to Bobby's words, even though Louisa was confused, she still answered, "of course, unless you don't treat me as your friend."

She cherished Bobby a lot, and Bobby had helped her a lot in the company. Louisa wouldn't fall out with Bobby unless he didn't recognize her as his friend.

"That's good. Could you please send these materials to Mr. Bruce for me? I have something to do, so I need to go back now."

Then Bobby put the documents on the desk and quickly walked out the office.

Looking at the documents on her desk in bewilderment, Louisa wondered what Bobby meant. Wasn't he Bruce's secretary? Why should she send documents to Bruce.

However, Bruce was in a bad mood today. Every one who went to see him was scolded and cried by Bruce.

Some of them even went home directly. It was exactly because of this that Bobby asked for the help from Louisa.

Bobby quickly got out of the office and apologetically looked at Louisa's office.

Bobby didn't mean to betray his friend, but to untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. Only Louisa could make Bruce happy.

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