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   Chapter 134 Being Bullied

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Bobby kept his poker face unchanged after he heard what Justina said. He had been with Bruce for many years and had seen many tough guys. Now facing the difficulties of Justina, Bobby did not take her seriously at all.

"I'm sorry. It's Mr. Bruce's idea. Miss Louisa, please don't make things difficult for me. I'm just a secretary. I'll do whatever the CEO asks me to do. "

Bobby skillfully spoke out these words. If Justina still wanted to make trouble, she would behave like a secretary and she didn't take Bruce seriously.

Bobby believed that as long as Justina was smart enough, she would wait for Bruce here.

After hearing Bobby's words, Justina narrowed her eyes and looked at him. She really underestimated this secretary. It was only a few words that made her have no way back.

"Well, since you have said that. If I insist on my opinion, it is hard for you. I'll just wait here for Bruce to come back. Is that okay? "

With these words, Justina sat down on the sofa and glared at Bobby angrily. Now that she had come here, it was nothing that she need to wait for Bruce.

After watching what Justina did, Bobby still smiled and said, "thank you for your consideration, Miss Justina. I'll get you a glass of water right now."

After that, Bobby turned around and left straight away, leaving Justina stare angrily at Bobby's back.

After a while, Louisa walked out of her office. She was not in the company these days, and now she didn't understand many places of the Swan project.

So she still needed to go downstairs and ask about the details.

Seeing that Louisa was here, Justina came to her quickly and asked, "didn't you quit? Why do you come back to work now? "

She was still a little lucky before, but now she was 100% sure. After all, she could believe that Louisa was right in front of her.

After hearing Justina's voice, Louisa, who was frowning and thinking about the work, looked up at Justina in confusion.

When seeing Justina in front of her, Louisa asked in confusion, "Why are you here?"

Nobody was here when she left just now. Where did Justina come from. If Louisa hadn't braked, she would have bumped into Justina.

"I'm asking you that you don't have to pretend in front of me. Now that there's no one else here. Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. You come here to pester Bruce because you are not reconciled to see me live in Mu family now. "

Said Justina complacently. She looked at Louisa, as if she could read her mind. Seeing the way that Justina behaved, Louisa just wanted to laugh in her heart.

It seemed that Bruce and Justina were not in a good relationship. Otherwise, Justina would not be so insecure. Justina couldn't wait to come here when she knew that Louisa had come back to work.

Was Justina warning her now?

But it was a pity that Louisa would not be with Bruce at all. She was a germaphobe and she hated sand in her eyes.


ant to say?" Bruce looked at Justina coldly and asked, but Justina had nothing to say judging from her appearance.

"I'm going back." After saying that, Justina ran away. She would not bother him before she knew that Bruce knew the truth of her pregnancy or not.

Seeing that Justina had left, Louisa was about to leave with the documents in her arms. This farce should be over by now. Moreover, this matter had nothing to do with her now.

"Louisa. Come with me. What are you going to do? What are you doing here? "

As soon as he stopped, the executives of the company disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In fact, they wanted to leave earlier, but they didn't want to be the insider, so they forced themselves to stay here.

Now that Bruce had ordered, they should leave in a hurry. They were looking for being beaten here, so they disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Louisa looked at where the executives had been. Now she understood why they had become the executives.

That was to say, they could slip away to deal with something as soon as possible. But she didn't want to go to Bruce's office with him either.

But under the intent gaze of Bruce, Louisa went to his office unwillingly.

As soon as he closed the office door, Bruce explained anxiously, "Louisa. You should not believe what Justina said. She just lied to you on purpose."

Bruce panicked when he saw that Louisa didn't care anymore. So he ignored all the senior staff in the company and invited Louisa to his office to explain to her.

"Shouldn't I trust her? Aren't you together? Is the baby inside Justina not yours? "

Louisa didn't want to say anything, but looking at his injured look, she couldn't help saying. She was the victim. Why did everyone think she was wrong.

Hearing that, Bruce looked at Louisa in astonishment. It never occurred to him that the once gentle and kind lady Louisa would say something like this. But Bruce was also a little happy.

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