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   Chapter 123 Will You Promise Me

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The Butler hesitated for a while after he heard what Landon said, but finally he went to get the key. Ten minutes later, the Butler came back panting with a key. "Mrs. Landon, here's the key."

At that moment, the door was opened. Bruce stood at the door and looked at them coldly. They were frightened by his cold stare.

"You just want to live in this room? Here you are. You don't need to make a move. "

Then, Bruce carried the quilt and walked out of the room to his own room. Leaving Landon and Justina standing there, not knowing how to react.

In particular, the shock on Justina's face was so real, not pretending this time, but really shocked by Bruce. Wasn't he the man who guarded this room last time?

How could he leave his room so easily now.

In fact, Bruce knew that Justina wouldn't give up after she left. But he was not afraid of any troubles made by Justina. As long as Bruce didn't agree, no one could force him.

However, thinking of that if Justina was staying in this room now, there would be no room for Louisa to live when her returned.

Does that mean Louisa has to live in his room? Thinking of this, Bruce gave the room to Justina happily.

With a tired face, Landon said to Justina, "well, you clean up this room. Justina, you can stay in this room."

Then Landon went back to her room. Too many things happened today. Now Landon was not in the mood to have dinner, so she just wanted to go back to her room to have a rest.

After watching Landon leave, Justina went into her room. She directed the servants of Mu family to renovate the room.

"Throw these, these, and all of them out. There can only be pink things in my room. And these rubbish, take them away right now. "

So she didn't want anything that Louisa had used. She would never accept anything that Louisa had thrown away.

Of course, it would be different if she stole it from Louisa. At least, Louisa would be heartbroken if she saw it.

Those servants couldn't help comparing her with Louisa. They thought that Justina was much more arrogant than Louisa. They really didn't understand why his young master would abandon such a good woman but marry this lady.

However, these were none of their business. They were just servants of Mu family.

On the other side, after Bruce went back to his room, he threw his own quilt to the ground and carefully put the quilt, which had been used by Louisa, on the bed.

He could fall asleep with the scent of the Louisa in his arms. After all this fuss, he fell asleep without eating anything.

Looking at the people standing in front of her, Louisa felt like weeping but had no tears. She just broke up with her boyfriend. Why did they have to do this?

"Louisa, are you okay. Let's go to the bar. Let's get drunk and forget t

a good mood now.

Hearing what Ben said, Louisa and Susie also felt that his words made sense. They followed the waiter to the private room on the second floor.

In fact, their purpose of coming here was to get hammered and drink as much as possible. In fact, the reason why Susie drank so much was just because she knew nothing about drinking. After drinking it, Louisa blushed.

After they finished the second glass of wine, they began to feel dizzy, while Ben calmly sat on the sofa and watched them from beginning to end. Now they were in a private room with bodyguards outside. So he was not as nervous as before.

In less than half an hour, Louisa was in a sound sleep, bending over the table. Seeing this, Susie and Ben looked at each other, and saw helplessness in each other's eyes.

They had planned to make Louisa drunk so that she could say something she hadn't said in her heart normally. Now Louisa slept soundly with two glasses of wine on the table. Well, they were used to it anyway.

"I'm going to the washroom. Let's go back after I come out. Louisa is asleep. There's no need to stay here any longer. "

As soon as Susie finished her words, she stood up and went to the washroom. As this was a luxury box, there was a washroom as well.

Not until Susie left did Ben heave a sigh of relief. His eyes were full of love for Louisa. Maybe only in this way could Ben stop pretending.

Only in this way can Louisa naturally express my feelings for Louisa.

Caressing the cheeks of Louisa, she stroked his hand.

Feeling that, Ben stiffened. He helplessly looked at Louisa and said, "what should I do with you?"

Of course, that was the sound of Louisa snoring back to him. Pausing for a second, he bowed his head and kissed her on the cheek.

Ben was so careful as if Louisa was some kind of treasure. Susie felt sorry for him.

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