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   Chapter 121 Beaten Up

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"Okay, I'll tell you now. We are a team. Don't you fear that I will sell you out too? "

Justina looked at Ken and asked angrily. If she had known it was like this, she would not have cooperated with this man. Now this man knew too much. If he really betrayed her one day, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"It doesn't matter. No matter what happened, I'm a member of Mu family and this cannot be changed. Because I'm a member of Mu family, but you're different. Do you think that Bruce will let you go so easily? "

After hearing what Justina said, Ken snorted disdainfully. 'Is Justina threatening me now?' Nobody could threaten him in the world.

Although Justina didn't want to admit it, she had to admit that what Ken said was right. It seemed that Justina could not afford to offend Ken. It was still lucky for Louisa.

It would be totally unnecessary for her to make a fuss about the trifles with Louisa after she married Bruce. Thinking of this, Justina felt much better.

"Well, I promise you that I won't make trouble for Louisa. But there is a precondition that she can stop pestering Bruce. Otherwise, I can't guarantee it. "

After Justina said this, her phone rang. Seeing the caller ID, Justina picked it up with a smile, "what's up, mom?"

If she was right, she thought that all the things that were supposed to be done was done. She didn't expect them to be so fast, much faster than she had imagined.

"Justina, come back quickly. Now aunt Landon is at our home. She will help you. You silly girl, don't do anything stupid. "

At the villa of Xia family, Nora wiped the tears on the corner of her eyes, pretending to be sad, and said to Justina on the phone.

"Mrs. Nora, may I have a few words with Justina?" Sitting on one side and listening to Nora, Landon asked anxiously.

After hearing Landon's words, there was a flash of complacency on Nora's face, but it was soon concealed.

She respectfully handed the phone to Landon, and wiped away her tears, in a hurry.

Alina was written all over her face.

Don't think that she didn't see what happened just now. This is exactly what they want, isn't it? It's really annoying to pretend to be innocent now.

Nora felt that someone was looking at her. Her raised her head and saw a disdainful look on Alina's face. Nora was startled and lowered her head.

"Justina, come back quickly. Let's talk about it face to face. No matter what happens, I will handle it for you. Don't take things too hard. "

After all, Alina had told her that Justina went out crying. So she worried that Justina might have done something bad.

On the other side of the phone, Justina sniffed and looked wronged, as if she had just cried.

She sobbed and said to Landon, "don't worry, aunt. I'm just not in a mood to go outside and relax. Even if Bruce doesn't admit the baby, it's still my child. I will

back home, he saw Justina, Alina and Landon sitting in the hall, talking and laughing. He sneered in his heart. Justina was really capable, as she managed to get into Mu family's villa just within the afternoon.

"Bruce, you are back. Come here now. I have something to discuss with you. "

Landon looked at Bruce standing at the door and waved to him. Judging from the grim expression on Bruce's face, he definitely didn't want Justina to come here.

But now that Justina was carrying his baby, they should be responsible for her.

Otherwise, Mu family's reputation would be ruined if the news spread. The most important thing was that Bruce was involved in the inheritance right of the company. He couldn't be careless.

After hearing what Landon said, Bruce came to them and said coldly, "since you have made a decision for me, what else do you want to tell me. I'm tired. I'll go upstairs. "

Then he went upstairs without even giving a look at Justina. A look of grievance appeared on Justina's face, but she was more unwilling to accept the fact.

"This stinky boy is becoming more and more impolite. Don't lower yourself to the same level with him. Bruce just has such a temper."

Looking at Justina, Landon explained to her with embarrassment. But even she herself didn't believe what she said, let alone Justina.

"Auntie, don't try to comfort me. I know everything, but I don't blame Bruce. It was my fault. I should have pushed him away, then the accident wouldn't have happened. My sister will not leave, nor will Bruce suffer this much. "

After hearing what Landon said, Justina wiped away the tears that didn't even exist. She looked up at Landon with a smile, but anyone with eyes can see that the smile on her face is really worse than crying.

Hearing what Justina said, Landon suddenly said angrily, "don't talk about that woman with me. If not because of her, our family will like a home."

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