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   Chapter 120 A Good News

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On the other side, Bruce looked at the two people sitting opposite to him and frowned unhappily. He didn't know since when these two people had become so close. Alina even lied to him and deceived him for Justina.

Being stared at coldly by Bruce, Alina shrank her head with guilt and said to him, "brother, don't look at me like that. It's not a good idea to keep a stalemate like this. You two can meet here, and you can discuss what you should do. "

Bruce's eyes were so intimidating just now that she almost ran away. If she remembered correctly, it was the first time that Bruce had looked at her like this. Even though she stole the design draft from Louisa, Bruce didn't look at her in this way.

"Tell me, what do you want from me. You should know my attitude. I won't compromise. If there is nothing else, I have to go back to work. "

Bruce felt he had nothing to talk with Justina, so he stood up after saying that and was ready to go back.

"Wait a minute. Even so, you won't change your mind?"

As Justina spoke, she put the diagnosis book on the table. She was trying to find an opportunity to show them by accident.

But now, Bruce was leaving soon and Justina couldn't care about anything else.

After hearing what Justina said, Bruce and Alina both looked at the table.

Alina quickly grabbed the piece of paper, and when she saw the content on it, she couldn't help exclaiming, "how did it happen?"

Alina didn't expect that Justina was pregnant. It seemed that Bruce had really fallen in Justina's trap.

Bruce ordered Alina in a cold voice, "give me the paper."

A few seconds ago, he was not sure whether what he saw was true or not, but he hoped more that he was wrong.

However, Bruce wouldn't run away. He wanted to confirm it now.

Upon hearing that, Bruce cast a scornful glance with him. Alina obediently put the diagnosis book in his hand and stood aside silently.

"Is that true?" After reading it, Bruce asked Justina coldly. How could this be? If it was true, then he and Louisa would never be together again.

"Even if you don't like me, you don't have to insult me like this. I do like you, but I don't like the sense of dignity as you think. If you don't want to admit it, I can raise it myself. But please don't insult me like that. "

Finishing her words, Justina took the medical report and left in tears, because she knew she couldn't push Bruce too hard now. On the other hand, it wouldn't take long for Landon to find out about this news from Alina.

By then, even if Bruce didn't want to take the responsibility, Landon wouldn't let Bruce get her way. So Justina didn't want to make trouble for herself. She wanted to go home and wait for the news.

Looking at the back of Justina, Bruce's face became very bad. "Don't say anything when you go back, or I won't let go of you!" he warned with a cold face

Then he turned around and left with a cold exp

n, who was sitting opposite to her. She wondered why Ken asked her out.

"Coffee is not good for pregnant women's health. Don't you worry that it's bad for your baby?"

Ken said sarcastically with a sneer after seeing what Justina did. He had been too careless before. How could Justina really be pregnant.

Now seeing what Justina was doing, he was sure that Justina had told him everything. The real reason why Justina pretended to be pregnant and wanted to take this opportunity to get into Mu family.

"Since you have already known that, why did you make fun of me like that. What's more, we have the same purpose. Do you want to see that Bruce still has connections with Louisa? "

After listening to Ken's words, Justina stopped what she was doing.

But she quickly recovered her previous look. It could not be found if one did not look carefully.

Unfortunately, this movement was just seen by Ken, and he did not expect that Justina did not care so much.

"You are right. It seems that I shouldn't have come here today. But I warn you not to mess with Louisa. Otherwise, Bruce will know what you have done. "

Ken warned Justina in a calm tone. However, even so, his voice was still so hoarse and sexy.

However, now, Justina was not in the mood to appreciate. Her face turned pale instantly, and the smile at the corners of her mouth froze. Why are these men so attractive to Louisa.

What's so good about that Louisa? Why can't she hold a candle to her. The more they treated her like this, the more she wanted to destroy Louisa.

"Are you warning me?" Justina asked Ken with a cold smile. She didn't expect that Ken would like Louisa so much.

At first, she thought Ken just wanted to separate Bruce from Louisa. But now, it seemed that she was wrong.

"It's fine if you put it this way." Ken also sneered and looked at Justina. This woman had better not play tricks in front of him. He was not as stupid as Bruce.

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