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   Chapter 119 She Is Pregnant

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Upon hearing that, Louisa unwillingly sat down on the sofa. She looked at Bill embarrassedly and didn't know what to say.

Maybe Bill had also noticed the embarrassment in Louisa, and the alienation between them.

So Bill just opened the door and said to Louisa, "actually, I'm here for the matter of Justina. Since you have broken up with Bruce, you'd better not look for him again. After all, he was having an affair with Justina. You shouldn't ruin their relationship any more. "

After all, Louisa was his daughter, so he didn't have the heart to tell her that Justina was pregnant. He was worried that Louisa could not stand it, so he put it another way.

"Father?" Louisa looked at Bill in disbelief. She couldn't believe that Bill still told her about it. It seemed that she was the one who destroyed the relationship between Bruce and Justina. Wasn't she the victim?

Looking at Louisa's face, Bill sighed helplessly and continued, "I know you won't be reconciled. But Justina is your sister, how can you destroy her relationship?"

Though he didn't have the heart to see Louisa in such a pain. But when he thought of those people ridiculing him behind his back, he decided to build up his own belief.

"But Bruce and I are a couple. It was Justina who took the initiative to come in. It's okay that you don't blame Justina now, but you come to me for Justina. "

Louisa was really disappointed in his father. How could he treat her like this just for the sake of her sister. How could she not be sad.

"Whatever happened between you and Bruce in the past, it was Justina who was with him now. Don't go to find him anymore. I won't spare you if I know what you have done. "

After listening to Louisa's words, Bill seemed to be ashamed into anger, wondering if his past was exposed. After all, Bill's words were much more vulgar than hers. Louisa couldn't believe what she had heard.

She didn't expect that the first time Bill came to her after she returned was to warn her. It was really ridiculous. She even felt guilty for Bill.

"Okay. I'd like to see how you'll teach her a lesson."

Susie had just come back from the set, and was surprised to hear Bill's words. So Susie didn't have time to change her shoes and directly came to Bill, looking at him angrily.

Now she finally knew why that Justina was so shameless. It turned out that the former was not the former. If Susie hadn't heard it with her own ears, she could hardly believe that a father would say such words to his daughter.

'What a shameless man! He even bullied in my family, ' Susie thought. In this case, she would wait to see how Bill treated Louisa.

"Susie, why did you come back?" With tears in Louisa's eyes, Louisa asked. She felt ashamed to see herself in such a state.

But the moment she saw Susie, all Louisa wanted was to hold Susie in her arms and have a good cry. After so

are you okay?".

Now Louisa was heartbroken and could hardly breathe. She kept telling herself that Bruce was not that important. It turned out that she was just deceiving herself.

"Louisa, don't think about it anymore. Don't think about it. Now that you are tired, just have a good sleep. When you wake up, everything will be fine. "

Susie didn't know how to comfort Louisa. She had never been through a relationship, so she couldn't feel Louisa's pain.

But it made Susie's heart ache to see Louisa suffer so much. Susie couldn't help but hate Bill so much. Louisa was his biological daughter. How could he do this to her.

"No more thinking. I don't want to think about it any more. Susie, it's true, I'm so regretful that I didn't listen to Ben and stayed in America. "

If Louisa hadn't come back, these things would not have happened. Now Louisa was still the simple and happy lady. What she wanted was to stay by the side of Bran.

She shouldn't have wished so much and should have the fantasy about this place.

Now her dream was shattered and she really regretted. She had lost all hope in this place, only deep despair remained.

"If you don't want to stay here, let's go back to America right now, okay? Louisa, please stop thinking about that bastard. He doesn't deserve you. "

After hearing what Louisa said, Susie was a little regretful to bring her back. If they didn't come back tonight, Louisa and Ben would be together sooner or later.

That way, Louisa wouldn't get hurt. Thinking of this, Susie couldn't wait to take her away from here right now.

Waiting for a long time, Susie didn't hear any movement in her arms. When she looked down again, she found that Louisa had fallen asleep in her arms.

However, she was too exhausted to carry Louisa on the bed. Although Louisa was really very light, but Susie also had no strength.

It took great efforts to get Louisa onto the sofa.

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