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   Chapter 118 Come Back To A Deadlock

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In this way, the matter was settled. During this period, Justina had been staying at home and didn't take the initiative to visit Bruce, because she didn't want him to be disgusted with her.

Finally a month had passed. That morning, Justina was sitting on the sofa and wiping her tears.

When Steven went downstairs, he saw such a scene. Sitting on the sofa, Justina wiped her tears, while Nelson consoled her anxiously.

It was not proper to cry in the early morning, so Bill was very unhappy and asked, "what's wrong with you in the early morning?"

Looking at his daughter's crying face, Bill instinctively felt that it would not be something good.

"Nothing. It's just a childish fight. Breakfast is ready for you. I'll take it out for you. "

Then, Nora really stood up and wanted to go to the kitchen to bring the breakfast to him. However, a piece of paper fell out of Nora's hand when she was about to leave.

With a frown, he looked at the piece of paper in front of him and bent to pick it up.

When he saw the content on the contract, Bill's face changed dramatically. Then he shouted at Nora in a furious and cold voice, "this is what you are talking about, childish tantrum! How can you hide such a big thing from me?"

Bill thought it was a shame for her daughter to get pregnant one by one. What would others say about Xia family? Was there something wrong with Xia family's education.

"I was wrong, but it's not entirely due to Justina. If it was not for what Bruce did, how could Justina get pregnant before marriage? "

After listening to Bill's words, Nora was not reconciled and retorted in a low voice. In fact, she spoke in a low voice, but it happened to be heard by Bill.

This was what Nora intended to do. She intended to remind Bill that this child was Bruce's.

If that was the case, how could Bill really blame them. In fact, both Nora and Justina were good at calculating.

"You mean the baby is Bruce's?" As expected, after listening to Nora's words, Bill looked at her and asked in disbelief.

If the boy was really Bruce's, then he must be the young master of Mu family. How could he be angry? He was more than happy.

Those people seemed to be trying to please him these days, but they actually criticized him a lot in secret. Since Mu family didn't take any action, these men became more unscrupulous. However, if Justina was really pregnant with Bruce's child, Mu family would surely not deny it.

The thought of this relieved the frown on Bill's face. He was in a good mood. Looking at his face, Nora knew what he was thinking.

So Nora replied with a smile, "yes, or else. Justina is a well behaved girl. She never messed around except that she was taken advantage of by Bruce. "

Upon hearing that, a sort of diffidence rose in Justina's heart. She was sitting on the sofa wiping her tears. Justina had eaten a lot of forbidden fruit under the influence of her mother in childhood.

o was to wait to enter Mu family's villa. Justina knew that Landon was very satisfied with her, but she didn't dare to get in Mu family's villa directly because of Bruce.

Landon wouldn't stand by like this if she knew Justina was pregnant now.

"Okay, you should go now. I'm waiting for your good news at home. Hahaha... I didn't expect that one day we would be connected with Mu family. As a matter of fact, we should really thank Louisa. If it weren't for her, we could not have any relationship with Mu family. "

Nora laughed even louder in her sleep. After hearing that, Justina stood up and went upstairs to change her clothes and do her makeup.

On the other side, after getting out of the villa of Xia family, Bill didn't go to the company, but went to the place where Louisa lived.

An unbelievable look appeared on Louisa's face when she saw the man standing at the door. It never occurred to her that the person was Bill. Ever since she returned to China, this was the first time he took the initiative to look for her.

"What's wrong? Aren't you going to invite me in? " Furrowing his brows, Bill glared at her. Louisa was as impolite as before. Now she didn't even let him in after he came here.

At the thought of this, he had no mercy for her any more and stood there coldly, looking at her.

"No, come in, please." Bill's words brought back Louisa who was shocked. She immediately made a way for Bill.

She was so shocked to see him just now that she forgot to let him in. Now he didn't look well.

"What do you want to drink? I'll get it for you." They sat on the sofa, feeling awkward.

After all, they hadn't seen each other for seven years. They must be alienated from each other. Plus, seven years ago, Louisa was not very close to her father, so she didn't know what to say now.

Hearing what she said, with a cold face, Bill stopped her. "Well, you don't have to be busy any more. Take a seat. I'm here today to talk to you."

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