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   Chapter 116 Close Friends

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Sensing their tense relationship, Sky stood out to mediate the dispute. "Brother Bruce, how is everything going when I'm not at home?"

It was the different attitude he had towards Frank earlier, but now, it had completely changed his attitude towards Bruce. Bran couldn't help but roll his eyes at him.

But Bran didn't expect that Sky was such a scheming boy. Now that he had gone so far as to speak up for Bruce, Louisa felt that all her efforts in protecting Sky were in vain.

On hearing Sky's words, Bruce knew that he was giving him a way out, so he quickly said, "it's all right, but our family are all worried about you. If you are tired, go home and have a look."

Although they did not come to see him these days, they were still very worried about Sky.

But they believed that Louisa wouldn't make things difficult for Sky. Moreover, Sky was a member of Mu family. Even if they came here, Sky wouldn't leave with them.

"I know. I will go back to see you when I have time. I haven't brought many things with me. Please bring them to me tomorrow. "

Sky thought that he could give Bruce a reason to come here if Louisa and others didn't welcome Bruce so much. Then Bruce could have more communication with Louisa. Maybe their misunderstanding would be cleared up at any time, so Sky could complete his task.

"Okay. I'll ask the servant to pack up your things and bring them to you right away. Do you need anything else? I'll bring you. "

Bruce knew Sky was helping him, so he agreed without hesitation. Then just before Louisa was about to refuse, Susie came down the stairs and saw Bruce standing in the living room.

Susie couldn't help but sarcastically said, "Hey, what's the wind today? Why Mr. Bruce is here? Our humble temple doesn't accommodate you.". Why don't you need to accompany with Justina today? "

This bastard should dare to come to their house, didn't think Susie really dare not to do anything to him.

Bruce not only made Louisa sad, but also bullied her. If Susie didn't teach him a lesson right now, she was not Susie herself.

Bruce's face darkened at Susie's words. He would never have allowed anyone to talk to him like this if it weren't for Louisa.

"I have something else to do, so I have to leave now. Think carefully about what I said. I don't want it to affect your work because of personal reasons."

Bruce knew he was not welcomed here, so he stood up from the sofa and turned around to leave.

Seeing that Bruce was about to leave, Susie couldn't help but sneer, "you are leaving now. Although you are my boss, I still have to explain something."

Susie had wanted to settle accounts with Bruce, but it was impossible because of his identity. Now that Bruce came to look for them, she would not let him off

uldn't give in. If this was not the way to force Louisa back, he would really have no chance.

"Louisa. It's me." Just then, there was a knock on the door. Then, Frank's voice was also heard at the door. After hearing Frank's voice, Bruce got very angry.

"Why are you here?" "Frank, are you ok?".

What day was it today? Why did Mu family come to visit her.

"I come here to see you. Don't you welcome me?" Hearing that, Frank took a breath and joked with her.

She was surprised to hear that, but soon she felt relieved. Holding Frank's arm, she said happily, "how could that be? Come on in. I wanted to call you just now. "

Now that Bruce didn't care about her any more, she would like to see if Bruce really didn't care about her at all. If that was the case, she would give up.

Frank was startled by the sudden movement of Louisa, but when he saw Bruce in the room, Frank immediately understood what happened.

Frank acted along with Louisa and found Bruce just now. He said to Bruce, "Oh, you are here. Do you come to visit Sky? Sky has to go to school in the daytime. It seems that you are so busy that you even forgot this. "

In fact, Frank knew why Bruce was here. He said so just to annoy Bruce.

Bruce didn't know how to cherish Louisa. With this accident, was it too late to regret?

"Then what are you doing here? Don't tell me you are here for Louisa. Do you fall in love with the woman of your brother? "

Bruce didn't want to hide anything from Frank, so he asked Frank directly.

On hearing that, the look on Louisa's face changed. Even Frank noticed the stiffness of her body and couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart. It'seemed that in fact, in her heart, she still liked Bruce.

Otherwise, Louisa wouldn't have reacted so excitedly after hearing Bruce's words, and her expression had even changed.

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