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   Chapter 115 Jealous

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9229

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Louisa looked at Frank speechlessly. Since he had said so, what else could she say.

"I'm not worrying about anything. I just really don't want to talk about relationship for the time being."

At this moment, Louisa really wanted to cry. No matter what she said, she couldn't make it clear. She really didn't know what to say. After all, they were not familiar with each other.

"Mom, I heard that we have a guest. Who is it? "

When Frank was about to say something, Bran came out from nowhere. Bran asked Louisa. When he saw Frank sitting on the sofa, Bran's face became long.

"What's wrong? Are you surprised to see me here? Or am I not welcome here? "

Looking at the expression on Bran's face, Frank smiled helplessly. It seemed that the members of Mu family were not welcomed here. Even such a young boy didn't welcome him here.

"Don't get we wrong, Bran. Call him uncle."

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Louisa's face after she heard what Frank said. She didn't expect that Frank would be so straightforward. It would be better if Frank had known it. Why would he say such embarrassing words.

Hearing that, Frank smiled noncommittally. Then Frank turned around and said to the man behind Bran, "Sky, you have been here for so long. Can you go home now? We are all very worried about you. You have had enough of this. You can go now. "

Unexpectedly, Sky really lived here. There were no servants here for him, and there were not so many good things.

Louisa had thought that Sky would go back after staying here for a few days, but to her surprise, he really stayed there.

"If they really worry about me, they wouldn't have come to visit me for such a long time. I'm a child, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. Don't lie to me. I won't believe it either. "

After hearing what Frank said, Sky sneered disdainfully. Sky had lived here for a long time. If they was really worried about him, they would come to see him earlier.

But what was the fact? Now only Frank came from Mu family and Frank didn't come to look for him.

"Well, whatever. But don't make any trouble for them. When you are done here, you can go back. "

An awkward look flashed across Frank's face after he heard Sky's words. Frank didn't expect that the young master would have such a sharp mind. In the past, they thought that Sky was just a child spoiled by them, but now it seemed that their previous thoughts were all wrong.

On the other side, Bruce was sitting in the car and staring at the residence in the distance. He didn't know why he came here, but since Louisa left, he felt empty in his heart.

The atmosphere in the company was not good these days because of him. The employees were in bad luck. Bruce knew why he was i

sition now.

After Frank left, Bruce looked at Louisa with a dangerous look in his eyes and asked, "what did he just talk about? Is there anything between you two that you can't let me know? "

Although Bruce had been trying to calm himself down, he couldn't. Now Bruce was overwhelmed with jealousy and jealous that there were secrets between Louisa and Frank.

And what Frank had just said before he left, as if they were the real couple, and he was the one who had been involved in this relationship by force.

"This is between Frank and me. It seems that we have nothing to do with you. If you want to talk about work, I have nothing to talk to you. I'll submit my resignation tomorrow. I don't care how the absented company is going to deal with these days. "

Louisa's face turned pale after she heard what Bruce said to her. What the hell was he doing now? He was with Justina. 'What is he doing here? Is he here to see how miserable she is?'

"You want to resign? Do you know what you are doing now? You don't want to work with me, don't you? "

Bruce's face turned even darker and asked Louisa. This recognition really made him sad. Could it be that they could never get back?

"I did this to avoid misunderstanding. If you don't have anything else to say, take care."

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa directly asked him to leave. Because she felt that there was really nothing to talk to Bruce, even for work.

"It's not what you think between me and Justina, I..."

Bruce wanted to explain something to Louisa, but found that he really didn't have anything to explain. Now he really wanted to tell Louisa that he had nothing to do with Justina.

But he couldn't, because he didn't know what his relationship with Justina.

How could he explain this to Louisa? He didn't even believe what he said.

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