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   Chapter 114 Frank Is Also Crazy

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Since Louisa left Mu family's villa, Louisa didn't know if she should go to work either.

She had been escaping these things by staying at home. Moreover, there was no any movement in the company. Perhaps that was why she was not allowed to work.

That was why she stayed at home all day long to look after Sky and Bran.

Hearing this, Susie couldn't stand it any more. She kicked heavily at Louisa who was lying on the sofa and said, "Hey, are you really not going to work? What about your salary? Anyway, you've been working there for so long, and most of the design of the Swan project is yours. Do you just let that bastard go so easily? "

Susie was really pissed off by Louisa, Louisa would run away from him as long as she could. Now it was time for her to get back what she deserved instead of letting that bastard Bruce get away with it.

"But if I went there and was kicked out, it would be a disgrace. I don't think so. After all, Mu's Group is a very powerful company. I don't think they would dare to take any action against you. "

Louisa said hesitantly. Now she really didn't want to go to the company. Even if she didn't go, she knew that those people were gossip behind her back.

Besides, she didn't know how to face Bruce. She couldn't just go back like this.

"You are such a coward. I am defeated by you this time. What are you afraid of. I think the bitch and the snob are the one who should be scared. They feel sorry for you. "

Lowering her head, Susie gave a glance at Louisa and looked at her disappointedly. 'It's been so many years and there is no change at all. She still be used by that bitch, Justina?'.

"But if I come across any embarrassing situation, I'd better not go. I'll think about it when I make up my mind."

In fact, only not knowing this in the bottom of Louisa's heart was that she was afraid that she would feel heartbroken when she met Bruce.

She was not very comfortable now. If she saw a pair of Justina and him, she was not sure whether she could still be so calm.

If this was the case, she would be the one to be disgraced, wouldn't she? Since she knew that she would be humiliated, why did she still go.

"You got me," But just as Susie was about to say something, the doorbell rang. Before Susie could finish her sentence, Louisa was very grateful to the people waiting outside. They came at the right time.

"Why are you still standing there? Open the door!" Seeing that Louisa breathed a sigh of relief, Susie kicked her again and shouted at her angrily.

With a big smile on Louisa's face, she stood up and opened the door. But when Louisa saw the person standing at the door, she froze.

Seeing that, Frank was amused. With a smile on his face, he asked, "what's wrong? Don't you welcome me? "

From the expression on Louisa's face, it seemed that she was not happy to see him. But Frank knew that was not what

t the cute expression on Louisa's face, Frank couldn't help but burst into laughter.

He didn't expect that the woman was so funny. If Bruce really gave up the woman, Bruce. would regret all his life.

"I knew you were joking. I'm fine now. You don't need to comfort me."

After giving him a smile, she let out a sigh of relief. She thought that what Frank said just now was just to make her happy on purpose.

"I am serious. I am not kidding. Do you really want to be my girlfriend?"

After hearing that, Frank stopped smiling and looked at her seriously. Was he kidding?

He was not joking. Even if Louisa did not agree, she did not have to refuse him with such a bad excuse.

"But we have only met each other for a few times. Don't be so impulsive to fall in love with me. Even if you tell me the truth, I won't believe it. Besides, I don't want to have any relationship with Mu family any more. "

No matter how serious Frank's expression was, she couldn't believe it.

Moreover, she really didn't want to have any relationship with anyone of Mu family, though she didn't hate the feeling when she was with Frank.

The only thought in her mind was that the only normal person in Mu family was abnormal now.

Hearing that, Frank was not so depressed. Because her answer was not beyond his expectations. After all, she was hurt because of Bruce.

However, Frank had made up his mind to take over XK intelligence agency first. He wanted to hear the words that Ella had said to him before Ella left. He felt a little sorry for Louisa, but he had no other choice.

But he promised that he would take good care of Louisa, and he would take care of Bran as his own son.

"I know your scruples and I didn't expect you to promise me immediately. I just want you to give me a chance. If you still hold the same decision, then I have nothing to say. "

Frank looked at her seriously. Anyway, he would not give up.

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