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   Chapter 113 Pretend To Be Pregnant

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Landon forced a smile. With the support of Alina, she went to her bedroom.

On the other side, Justina went out after answering a phone call. When she arrived at the gate of the hospital, her good friend, Cassie, had been waiting there. Justina told her that she was one of Justina's good friends. That's why Justina was her friend.

Now, Justina had been flattering Mu family. When Cassie called her today, she didn't want to answer it. But soon she came out because she wanted to show off in front of Cassie.

"Justina, you are finally here. I thought you wouldn't come. " As soon as she saw Justina, Cassie walked up to her with a happy face. Now she was in a state of utter stupor, just waiting for the idea from Justina.

She had waited for a long time, but Justina still didn't come. So she thought Justina hadn't come yet. She was really happy to see Justina here.

"I'm not as idle as you are. I have to deal with those people who want to flatter me first. It's an honor for you that I come over if I can spare some time. Are you satisfied with it?"

After listening to Cassie's words, Justina immediately retorted unhappily with her face gloomy. Cassie should be grateful that she could respond to her. How could Cassie be so stubborn.

When she thought of this, Justina's face looked even worse. After listening to Justina's words, Cassie's face flashed incredulously.

She had said something worse than that before, and Justina had never refuted her.

Now, Justina was so angry just because she complained a few words. But on second thought, now that Justina had some connections with Mu family, no wonder he didn't take her seriously.

"Justina, that's not what I mean. Don't you see I'm in a hurry? I don't know what to do now. You are so smart. I will wait for you to make decision for me. "

Thinking of the relation between Mu family, Cassie looked at Justina ingratiatingly. She couldn't offend that Justina.

"What's wrong? What happened? " What Cassie said made Justina very happy, and Justina thought she was generous not to fuss about it. She asked Cassie arrogantly, as if she was giving out.

"I will, I will." After hearing what Justina said, Cassie looked at Justina, a little embarrassed.

Looking at Cassie, Justina said impatiently, "what the hell is wrong with you? Say something. If you don't, I'll leave now. "

The woman called her out, but now she was hesitant to tell her what was going on. Justina didn't have time to waste with her here.

After hearing Justina's words, it seemed that Cassie had made a big decision. She said to Justina, "Justina, what should I do? I think I might have pregnant. "

Her good friend hadn't been here for a long time, and Bai family had always been very strict with their family. If such a scandal really happened, it could be imagined what her future

separated. Looking at Frank, Ella asked, "since you don't like me, why don't you push me away?"

After hearing her words, the look on Frank's face changed, but he covered it up quickly.

"I believe that no man will refuse a woman who threw herself at him. I'm a normal man. Why don't you think I push you away? "

Frank shrugged his shoulders in a casual manner, as if he didn't care about it at all. Hearing that, Ella couldn't help but shedding tears again. However, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

"Am I so bad in your eyes? You prefer a woman you've only met a few times rather than give me one more look? "

Did she really think too much? Frank really fell in love with Louisa. But wasn't she Bruce's fiancee?

"So what?" Frank looked into the distance with blank eyes, as if he was recalling something.

"How could you do that? Louisa is your brother's fiancee. How could you fall in love with your brother's woman? "

With a devastated look, Ella looked at Frank and couldn't believe it was true. But she could tell from Frank's look that he wasn't lying.

How could he fall in love with the woman of his brother? Wasn't he afraid of being cursed by others?

"They are not engaged now. Why can't I like her. Besides, who said that she is my brother's girlfriend? They pretend to be together just for work. "

Thinking of the pure and kind look of Louisa, Frank couldn't help smiling. In fact, he just wanted to appreciate the beautiful scenery outside. However, in the eyes of Ella, it was totally different.

Ella looked at Frank in disbelief. She didn't expect that he would think of a person with such an affectionate expression on his face.

"I won't give up so easily. I won't believe it unless you and Louisa are really married."

As soon as she finished her sentence, Ella opened the door and ran out. Frank looked at her back and sighed helplessly.

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