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   Chapter 112 A Fight

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Justina and Alina weren't good friends. Now that Alina's goal was achieved, would she cooperate with Justina?

Justina was really suspicious, but she would not tell Nora.

It was not because Justina didn't trust Nora. She just didn't know how to explain to others. Once this news got out, it would be very bad for both Nora and Justina.

So Justina had to make a long-term plan. When she thought of this, a bright light flashed through her eyes.

While Louisa and Susie were talking about Sky, Bran went downstairs with him.

Sky pouted his mouth with an unhappy look. Louisa couldn't help but ask him, "what's wrong with you, Sky? What happened? "

He was fine just now? Why were him unhappy now? Was there anything wrong? Just thought about it. Louisa asked Bran with her eyes.

Unexpectedly, after receiving the glare of Louisa, Bran turned his head to the other side and threw himself into Susie's arms. "Auntie Susie, Bran really missed you. You don't know that when we were in Mu family, they bullied mom and me. Bran has been looking for you for a long time. "

Bran cast a smug glance at Sky. He knew that Susie hated to see others bully Louisa. After hearing what he said, Susie must have a bad impression on Mu family.

"This Mu family has no good person. I told you not to go, but you didn't believe me. Now you are bullied. What a shame. "

As expected, hearing what Bran said, the face of Susie, which was a little relieved just now, darkened again.

Louisa glared at Bran, blaming him for mentioning that. She had made great efforts to make Susie happy, but he just mentioned that again.

"Everyone in Mu family there is no good person, but others don't necessarily mean all the good things? Besides, my brother Bruce is not that kind of person. You must have misunderstood him. "

Sky was unhappy to hear that. After all, Bruce was his idol. How could he stand others speak ill of him? Besides, he didn't believe that Bruce would do such a thing.

"Oh, are you not happy now. The Mu family is so great. Why don't you stay there? What are you doing here? "

Susie teased.

In fact, Susie wanted to know why Sky would follow Louisa. What he had done was so unbelievable that Susie had to doubt it.

"It's none of your business. If it's because of you, even if you invite me, I won't come. I really don't understand why you are living with such a rude woman. "

Sky rolled his eyes towards the sky too. The first half was refuting against Susie, and the second half was said to Louisa.

With a surprised look on Susie's face, she was surprised to hear that. Sky was such a sweet talker.

'What did he just say? How could he say that I'm impolite?' Thought Susie. The wimpy kid said she had bad manners. She was really pissed off.

"You bastard! Come here! I promise I won't kill you!"

As Susie spoke, she reached out her hands in an attempt to pull Sky away from Louisa. However,

e that. Mom said that for your own good. How could you know that Bran is your son after seven years. Maybe it's Louisa's child with another man. "

Just at that moment, Alina came out of the room and walked to Landon. She held Landon's arm and looked at Bruce unhappily. I really don't understand what's so good about that Louisa. Each of them is just like a devil.

"You..." After hearing what Alina said, Bruce wanted to refute her, but he didn't know what to say.

Looking at Bruce's pitiful look, Alina couldn't help but sneer in her heart. It seemed that Bruce was not sure that Bran was his son, otherwise he would not have nothing to say.

"In fact, in my brother Bruce's heart, you also doubted it, right? Otherwise, you would not react like that. Think about it. It has been seven years since the accident happened. How could Louisa live on her own? "

Alina had to strike while the iron is hot. Now that Bruce had a little suspicion about Louisa, she had to carry out her plan as soon as possible so that he would never be in a relationship with Louisa.

However, after hearing what Alina said, Bruce said with a more firm tone, "do you think I will believe your words? Bran looks exactly like me. No one will believe that he is not my son. "

As soon as he finished his words, he turned around and left, leaving no chance for Alina and Landon to say anything. Looking at the back of Bruce, Landon had a variety of helpless sigh. Maybe she was really wrong and should not interfere with the children's affairs.

But since things had come to this, it was impossible to let it go now. Now the matter is really difficult. So many people have seen it. It is impossible for them not to be responsible for Justina.

"Mother, don't think too much now. Things will be solved sooner or later. Now my brother Bruce is just in anger, so it is inevitable for him to speak badly. "

Looking at Landon's face, Alina couldn't help comforting her.

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