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   Chapter 110 Move Out

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On the other side, Bruce was getting angrier and angrier while staying in his room. He was heartbroken as long as he thought that Louisa was with another man.

But he was too proud to ask for her, so he had been sleepless the whole night.

Not only was he suffering from the insomnia, but Louisa also felt very sad to leave here.

When she rolled over five hundred times later, Bran finally couldn't help but ask her in a low voice, "Mom, don't you want to leave here?"

If Louisa really didn't want to leave, he would take all this back. Even though it was a place full of crisis, he would try his best to start his own business.

It was not until she heard Bran's words that she realized that she had interrupted his rest. She looked at Bran apologetically and said, "I'm not reluctant to leave. I just feel like I was in a dream. Now that I'm awake, it's time for us to leave. "

Maybe she didn't want to leave, but she would never change her mind of leaving here. Now since they were still able to leave, she'd better leave earlier.

"Then mom, just take it as a dream. Now that you have waken up from the dream, we are still the happy mother and son as before. I will take care of you from now on and make sure you are well fed. "

Hearing that, Bran's face looked mature, which was not suitable for his age. He looked at Louisa seriously and firmly.

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa hugged Bran in her arms with a touched expression on her face. In fact, even though she didn't say a word, in her heart, she appreciated Bran's company.

If it wasn't for Bran, Louisa couldn't believe that she could make it through.

In the next early morning, Louisa took Bran to pack up and leave Mu family's villa. She saw their servants on the way, and they didn't even say a word to them. It seemed that someone had warned them.

Thinking of this, a dash of sadness flashed across the corners of Louisa's mouth, but it quickly disappeared. Well, it was good. She had decided to leave, that was good.

"What are you doing here? Go away? " Bran angrily looked at Sky who stood in front of them. Mu family was really not had a good person. When they used them before, they were gentle and kind.

Now they were useless to them. How could they treat them like this. They must be eager that they could leave here as soon as possible. Why was the hoodlum still here.

Upon hearing Bran's hurtful words, a dash of gloom flashed across Sky's face. But soon Sky regained his composure and looked into the eyes of them. "I want to leave with you. Can't you see that? My luggage is ready. "

With that, Sky waved his luggage in the air. He had already packed it when he went back to his room last night. He got up early deliberately this morning in order to wait for them here.

Both Louisa and Bran were surprised to hear that.

They didn't know what was going on with Sky. But soon, Bran angrily looked

if they tried to make him stay, he would leave sooner or later.

But if they really wanted to cut off the relationship with Louisa and others, they couldn't imagine how well Louisa would treat Sky?

"Mom, don't worry too much. After a few days, I will bring Sky back myself. I guess he is just being taken advantage of by Louisa. When he figure it out himself, he will come back with me. "

Alina didn't believe that Sky could stand the pain and keep following them. She would just wait for a few days and then go to take him back.

Landon nodded reluctantly. She had no other choice.

After Louisa and Bran left Mu family's villa, they stood on the road, without looking back at Mu family.

Because they really had no concern about this place. But at this time, a voice behind them said, "it's so hot. Why is it so hot in the early morning? I'll ask the driver to send us."

After saying that, he really wanted to go back and get the driver. It was at that time that Louisa and Bran found that Sky really followed them.

Both Louisa and Bran turned around in surprise, and was the first to react. Looking at his back, Bran shouted, "no, we can't afford the car of Mu family."

At this moment, Louisa also came to herself and asked, "do you really want to follow us? After you leave Mu family, you are not young master any more. You will suffer a lot following us. "

Louisa didn't know what to do with the kid, so she could only let him stay with them for the time being. Even before she could finish her words, Louisa knew that Sky must be unable to bear it and would go back in a few days.

"I know, but I'm not afraid. Don't waste time anymore. There are no cars here. Let me ask the driver to send us home. It's not necessary to get angry with your own body. You don't have to waste your energy. "

After hearing what Louisa said, Bruce looked at her firmly. In the end, both Louisa and Bran were very surprised to hear that.

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