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   Chapter 109 Be My Woman

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After Louisa went back to her room, she saw Bran sit on the bed, waiting for her. Seeing that Louisa didn't look well, Bran got out of bed at once and came to her.

With great concern, he asked, "Mom, what's wrong with you? Why do you look so bad? "

He also knew what happened tonight, but he didn't expect that Justina was so shameless as to enter their house now. Unexpectedly, Bruce agreed.

He was really disappointed in this father. Even though he was his biological father, he would never let his mother suffer like this.

It was not until she heard what Bran said that she realized that she had returned to her room. Holding Bran in her arms, Louisa was in a better mood. Even if the whole world abandoned her, at least she still had Bran.

Thinking of this, she raised a pale smile on her face. She held Bran in her arms and sat down on the bedside. At the thought of the attitude of Bruce and Mu family, Louisa finally figured it out.

'Maybe I was wrong at the very beginning. Bruce just stayed with me because of the Swan project .' She was so stupid that she had been cheated by his hypocrisy and almost gave up her heart.

Luckily, it was not too late. Otherwise, she really didn't know what to do. Thinking of that, she said to Bran, "Bran, mom wants to move out. How about I take you to Aunt Susie's house? "

Now there was no room for them. Since Justina was the girl that Bruce liked, they'd better leave here as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would only embarrass herself. It was not difficult to see that Justina was still the same as before.

Hearing that, Bran did not know why she said that all of a sudden. However, Bran readily agreed with the decision of Louisa.

He had thought that Louisa hadn't gone to Mu family's villa in the past because Mu family was too deep.

It was not suitable for Louisa to stay here. He changed his mind after listening to what Susie said.

Now that Bruce had done such a cruel thing to her, if she stayed here, she would be hurt sooner or later. It was better to leave instead looking at her sadly.

Bran nodded at her when he thought of this. He'd better take her with him now.

Seeing that Bran nodded to her, Louisa smiled in relief. To her surprise, the person who finally accompanied her was still Susie. She regretted moving out.

As soon as she got Bran's consent, she started packing. Seeing that, Bran also went back to his room silently to pack up his things.

When Sky passed by Bran's room, he saw the door open. Bran was packing his things when he pushed the door open. So he asked Bran in confusion, "what are you doing?"

He haven't heard that Bran has any special activities and Bran needs to pack so many things. B

nary woman to say YES now?

He was not a man who would casually say such words to others. Thinking of this, Ken recalled the scene where he was rejected by Louisa before. Maybe that was why he was interested in her.

"If you want to make fun of me, you can leave now. I know that everyone in your family looks down upon us. As you wish, we will leave tomorrow. "

She didn't believe that Ken meant what he said. He knew clearly about her relationship with Bruce. She didn't think Ken was such a tolerant man, so she surmised his behaviors in order to humiliate her.

Hearing that, the smile on Ken's face remained the same. "Do you think I'm kidding?" he continued

Although he was sometimes very naughty, he would never make fun of such things.

After listening to Ken's words, Louisa was in great astonishment. But without thinking twice, she refused Ken directly. She didn't dare to have anything to do with anyone in Mu family anymore.

"Even if you are not joking, I have made myself clear just now. The door is over there. This way, please. "

She didn't care whether he was joking or not. She wouldn't accept such an offer. Ken shook his head indifferently.

A determined light flashed across Ken's eyes, but it was quickly concealed by him.

Ken was pushed out of the room by Louisa. After taking a meaningful look at her room, he turned around and left.

After she went back to her room, she directly locked the door. It was normal that the members of Mu family were all insane.

When she thought of Frank who played the piano for her at night, she immediately denied her idea.

At least, Frank was a normal man, and he was the only person who gave her warmth in Mu family. Thinking of Frank, she wore a smile on her face. She didn't know if she could see him again in the future.

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