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   Chapter 108 Questioning

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"Thank you." Even though Frank was a ineloquent man, she did know that he had tried hard to make her happy.

Louisa was very grateful for the help from a person she didn't know very well.

Seeing that Louisa was still very sad, Frank finally couldn't help but say to her, "you're welcome. Are you feeling better now. Sometimes what you see is not the same as what you see. What you see is not the real. "

Frank knew why she was sad, but he couldn't explain it clearly. That's all I want to say. The left one, Louisa, can be figured out by herself.

After listening to Frank's words, Louisa looked at him in surprise. Was he hinting something? But would the truth really be like what he said? 'Why am I so uneasy? '

Seeing that, Frank sighed helplessly. It seemed that this Bruce was not easily to fall in love with someone. And this Louisa was really a very dull woman.

When they came out of the room, Louisa had been absent-minded the whole night. In fact, Louisa was thinking about the affair between Bruce and Justina. Plus, what Frank said made her even more confused.

But all of this was seen by Bruce. He also saw the scene that Louisa and Frank were in the room just now. Bruce thought that she was missing Frank, so Bruce's face looked even worse.

Even when Justina stuck to him, Bruce didn't push her away.

After the dinner, Alina held Landon's hand and stood in front of Louisa like a winner.

"Do you still care about Mu family? Mu family is not a small family. You don't have to be so mean to us. If this happens again tonight, I will not let go of you!"

At the thought of what happened at the banquet, Landon coldly said to Louisa and then turned around to go upstairs. Landon didn't know why she was so upset with Louisa. Maybe it was because she was not the same as Justina.

After Landon left, Alina stood there looking at Louisa gloatingly.

Looking at Louisa's surprised look, Alina couldn't help but satirize, "you are so awesome. Now you know that my brother Bruce doesn't like you anymore. I want to help you take revenge on my brother Frank. But I'm telling you, he is only a member of Mu family. I advise you not to waste your time. "

'What a shameless woman! How could she hang out with Frank as soon as I told her the matter about Bruce and Justina!'. Normally, Louisa would pretend to be pure and lofty, but in the end, she didn't show it.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Even if you want to insult me, you don't have to insult your brother in this way."

Louisa was surprised for a while after she heard what Alina said, and then retorted.

In Louisa's heart, Frank was a spotless man. She always felt that people couldn't humiliate him with such words.

After hearing what Louisa had said, Alina sneered disdainfully. 'What a hypocritical woman! She has done everyth

t her like this? Even if they were just a fake couple, he didn't have to treat her like this.

After hearing that, Bruce snorted disdainfully. Now she dared to question her. She also met a man of easy virtue.

"We are the same as you saw us. What's wrong? Are you questioning me now? You just met and fell in love with each other. You even don't know those men well. "

Every time he thought of the time she stayed with not only Rod, but also Frank, he was extremely jealous. He was fighting for their future, but she was entangled with other men.

Did she love him? Or was it just his wishful thinking. In fact, in her heart, she didn't love him at all. She dated him for so long merely because of work.

At the thought of this, Bruce's face darkened. How could he allow this to happen.

However, after listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked at him in shock. She couldn't believe her ears.

It turned out that she was such a woman in Bruce's heart. How ridiculous that she would fall in love with such a man.

Since he had said that, there was nothing to say between them. Then she quietly turned around and left, leaving only Bruce's hand hanging in the air.

Justina, who had experienced a lot of ups and downs, was smug all over.

Justina was thinking about how to make them misunderstand each other. Unexpectedly, even if she did not do anything, this Louisa would also make trouble for herself.

"Bruce, i..." Justina wanted to express her thoughtfulness, but Bruce didn't give her the chance.

Hearing the voice of Justina, Bruce shouted with red eyes, "get out!"

Bruce was in a bad mood. Although Justina was not satisfied with Bruce's attitude, she knew the boundary and knew it was not the right time to provoke him.

With a meaningful look at Bruce, she turned around and left with a smile on her face. Anyway, Bruce would belong to her sooner or later.

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