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   Chapter 107 See A Misunderstanding Again

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Just before Louisa could sigh, she heard someone playing a piano. When she heard the sound, she turned around and saw Frank sitting in front of the piano. His hands danced on the piano, as if they had their own consciousness.

She didn't know that Frank was such a good player and had no idea that he was so good at the piano that she was totally petrified by his performance. The whole room was filled with his music, which made people intoxicated with it.

She thought that Frank must be very proud of himself. Otherwise, he would not be indifferent to the matters of Mu family and only pursue his own career.

On the other side, Bruce didn't see Louisa at the banquet. He looked around but didn't find her. When he saw that, Bruce's face darkened. However, Justina came to stop him.

"Bruce, what are you looking for?" Justina asked with a gentle look on her face. Now she was finally standing beside him righteously. Justina felt secretly happy when she thought of Louisa's unhappy face just now.

"I have told you, don't ever bother me again. I'm warning you, don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. I don't want to say it again. Let me go. "

After saying that, Bruce looked at Justina coldly. Now his life was totally in a mess. Unlike his plan, it was all because of this woman. Now as long as he saw this woman, he would feel uncomfortable.

"Bruce, how could you do this to me. I was just curious about what you were looking for. I was just concerned about you. "

Justina looked at Bruce as if she was going to cry. Bruce looked at Justina impatiently. He didn't know why this woman did this.

He didn't do anything to her. People who didn't know what he did might think he did something bad to her.

As soon as the idea had come to his mind, Ken appeared in front of them with a snicker on his face. "Yes, don't ever think that you can bully her just because she have no backer, or else others will make fun of us," he said to Bruce

Looking at Bruce's misfortune, Ken took a dark pleasure in Bruce's misfortune. In the past, Bruce was arrogant. Now, Ken wanted to see how Bruce could be so arrogant.

After hearing what Ken said, Bruce's face turned livid. Bruce had been suspecting that the whole thing was arranged by Ken and Justina. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence.

Bruce was already in a bad mood, but Ken still said something sarcastic about him. How could Bruce possibly be in a good mood now.

"It's none of your business whether you're free or not. I'm telling you, Ken, don't think you can split us up and get what you want."

Ken wanted to be with Louisa, and then use Bran to get the rest 20% shares of Mu family, didn't he? If it were so easy for Ken to become the master of Mu family, then the position would have been taken over by Ken for so many years.

How c

e piano, and Louisa looked at him with obsession. They really looked like a couple in love.

Tears streamed down from Ella's eyes. But she didn't say anything and turned around, covering her chest.

On the other side, Bruce had checked all the rooms of the villa, but he still didn't find her. So he walked to Frank's and that room where they hadn't left yet. As the door was open, Bruce saw them.

Hearing the cheerful music of Frank, Louisa wasn't in a bad mood. Thinking that she at least had a family, Bran, she could not help but smile.

Unfortunately, Bruce happened to see that. He didn't expect that she would be enjoying such moments with Frank while Bruce was looking for her all over the world.

It turned out that the stupidest person in the world was him. He thought that Louisa would be sad, so he came to find her to comfort her.

But he didn't expect to see that the woman in front of him was with Frank. He even thought that she was with Rod in front of him.

Bruce glared at Louisa and left. On the other side, Louisa seemed to feel something and looked at the door, only to see the indifferent back of Bruce.

The smile on her face disappeared, and at this time, Frank's performance came to an end.

Looking at the depressed look on her face, Frank teased, "I'm good at singing. I didn't expect you to be depressed because of my technical skills."

After listening to Frank's words, Louisa looked at him in astonishment. Even though she seldom with Frank before, she knew that he was not a joker.

She didn't know what was wrong with Frank today. He had surprised her again and again, and now he knew that she was in a bad mood, so he just wanted to make her happy.

Even though Frank didn't mention it, Louisa could feel it. No matter what, Louisa appreciated Frank very much. After all, it was kind of help for him to stay with her when she was most sad.

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