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   Chapter 106 The Cruel Fact

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After Rod left, Alina angrily walked up to Louisa. Looking at Louisa, she asked coldly, "what's wrong? You know my brother Bruce doesn't like you now, but you want to seduce Rod? "

This woman was really shameless. She knew that Rod was her fiance, but now she was still having an affair with him. 'No matter what, I must get Louisa out of here. '.

After hearing what Alina said, Louisa could not understand what she meant. So she looked at Alina blankly. Looking at Louisa, Alina couldn't help but sneer.

This woman always pretended to be innocent. Who on earth did she want to show.

"I don't know what you are talking about. If you misunderstand something, you won't believe me even if I explain it to you now. I'm going to meet Bran over there."

Louisa was certain that no matter what she said, Alina wouldn't believe it. In that case, she didn't have to waste her time to explain anything.

Now that Louisa had said that to Alina, and Louisa was cold to her, how Alina wished she could slap Louisa in the face right now.

But Alina knew if she did so, she would be the one to blame.

Now she wanted to drive Louisa out of the house. At the thought of this, Alina suddenly smiled and said with a smile, "Louisa, do you really think my brother Bruce likes you? Now I can tell you, my brother Bruce always loves Justina. If it's not because of the Swan project, do you really think my brother Bruce would like someone like you? "

After hearing what Alina said, Louisa looked at her in disbelief. As if she didn't understand what Alina meant at the moment, she looked at Alina blankly.

Looking at Louisa's face, a hint of pity flashed through Alina heart. But when she thought of the way Rod and Louisa talked and laughed, and the way they always ignored her, a touch of firmness flashed in Alina eyes.

It took a long time before Louisa said anything. Louisa looked at Alina in disbelief, "I don't understand why you told me this, but I don't believe what you said."

Even though Louisa said so, in fact, she panicked in her heart. It was because she didn't think of the dubious behavior of Bruce and Justina, and that Bruce had been avoiding Louisa recently. At the same time, Louisa felt more and more depressed, the smile on her face was even uglier than crying.

Looking at the response of Louisa, Alina felt delighted. Alina didn't expect that this Louisa would have such a day. With a complacent look on Alina's face, she continued, "even if you don't believe it, it is true. Do you want to know what happened on the engagement party? Why was the engagement party cancelled? "

Alina was sure that Louisa hadn't known what had happened on the engagement party. Otherwise, Louisa wouldn't look so guilty.

Louisa was even more c

opped in front of a room. He took out the key from his pocket and opened the door for her, then he gestured her to follow him.

Louisa looked at the room in front of her in surprise. When she just arrived at Mu family's villa, she was warned not to enter this room, or else master Frank would be angry.

At that time, she was wondering when she could come in and have a look. She didn't expect that she was really standing here, but the room owner invited her.

"What's wrong? Don't you want to go in and have a look? Or do you regret coming here now? "

Looking at the surprised look on Louisa's face, Frank asked jokingly. He knew that Louisa didn't mean that, but he said it deliberately.

"No, it's just that I feel a little unreal. Are you really going to let me in? "

Louisa still remembered the warning from the maid. She felt unreal to stand here.

"Forget it if you don't want to."

With that, Frank turned around and was about to close the door. But after seeing Frank's action, Louisa nervously shouted to him, "No. I didn't say that. How can you take back your words? "

After finishing Louisa's words, she gave Frank a disdainful look. Noticing her action, Frank couldn't help laughing out.

This woman was really ridiculous, but seeing that Louisa walked into the room carefully, Frank felt that his mood was not so bad now.

It had always been his secret base. He would come here whenever he was in a bad mood. Now he saw the woman treat it with care.

Feeling that he was respected by Louisa, Frank was in a good mood.

"Wow, it's so beautiful here. This is so cool. Here are so many musical instruments."

She was shocked by the situation inside the room. She ran back and forth in surprise and shouted excitedly.

Seeing that, a smile appeared on Frank's face. He sat down in front of the piano.

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