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   Chapter 105 An Uninvited Guest At The Party

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The date of the party was settled. Mu family had received the news early in the morning, so they all came back.

Louisa looked down at them, still frowning. Now she could tell that something must have happened. Since the engagement party was cancelled, she hadn't seen Bruce for many days.

She wondered if he was avoiding her on purpose. She hadn't seen him for a couple of days. Looking at the worried look on Louisa's face, Bran couldn't help gently tugging at her clothes.

Not knowing what was on Bran's mind, Louisa looked at Bran and asked, "what's wrong, Bran?"

Looking at Louisa, Bran sighed. He didn't tell her the truth.

He took the hand of Louisa and said, "Mom, let's go downstairs. It seems very lively downstairs. Dad is waving at us and asking us to go down. "

With that, Bruce waved at them to let them go. Louisa thought that Bruce was no longer hiding from her? Although she didn't like the downstairs' atmosphere, she still brought Bran downstairs.

However, before they got close to Bruce, they saw that Justina came to him with a smile on her face. She shyly held Bruce's arm and said something. Just then, Bruce's face darkened.

Bran looked at Justina who appeared here inexplicably. She was really shameless. Now she was even going to provoke them in the broad daylight. At the thought of this, Bran cautiously took a look at Louisa, only to find that Louisa was looking at Bruce and Justina in disbelief.

Bran didn't want Louisa to look at them, so he took her hand and said, "Mom, I'm hungry. Let's go over there and find something to eat, okay? "

If they continued to see this, Louisa would be sadder. At the same time, Bran swore silently in his heart that he must take her away from here as soon as possible.

After hearing Bran's words, Louisa looked at Bruce and Justina in surprise again, and then took Bran to the other side.

On the contrary, Bruce looked at Justina beside him with a long face and asked coldly, "Why are you here?"

Bruce guessed that Louisa must have seen Justina here. He was trying to take this chance to improve the relationship between him and Louisa. But they were all put in a mess by this woman's appearance.

Hearing what Bruce said and looking at his unhappy face, Justina timidly stood there, as if she had done something wrong.

Just then, Landon came over from nowhere. She looked at Bruce and Justina and asked indifferently, "what's wrong? I asked her to come here. Is there anything you dislike? "

Why did they act so intimate in front of so many people? They were becoming more and more unruly since Bruce and Louisa were together.

In the past, Bruce was very calm and cold. He seldom smiled to his family.

At the thought of this, Landon was even more determined to let Bruce and Justina be together.

"Auntie, in fact, Bruce didn't say anything.

"that's good. I've been worried about you when I was abroad, and I wanted to call you, but I don't think it's appropriate."

There was a hint of bitterness in Rod's voice. It seemed that he was a person who can't be loved. As a woman, everyone could understand Rod.

However, Louisa was not in the mood to care about Rod's personal life, so she didn't realize that there was something wrong with Rod. So what Rod had tried to do for such a long time was in vain.

Bruce had planned to explain everything to Louisa. But before he got close to Louisa, he saw Louisa and Rod standing there, talking happily.

Bruce looked at them angrily. He thought that Louisa would misunderstand Bruce and Justina, but now it seemed that she didn't care at all.

Only he was stupid enough to worry that she would be hurt. Now it seemed that he was a complete fool. Thinking of this, Bruce left in anger.

The other woman in the room was still staring at Louisa and Rod. Alina almost crumbed the quilt in her hand. Alina had been so excited about the coming event that she had been waiting for the whole night.

When Rod came back, he went to look for that bitch, instead of her. How could she not be angry. Now she wanted to rush forward and let the bitch Louisa disappear right away.

But Alina held back her anger in the end, because she had gone abroad to cause a great disturbance last time and Rod hadn't even made a call to her.

If Alina still fought with each other and got into a fight, Rod might be despised for a long time.

Louisa and Rod talked a lot. It was the first time that they had found that the two had much in common and they even had a lot in common. There was a look of surprise on Rod's face. He didn't expect it at all.

They talked a lot. However, Rod was not satisfied with the result. After all, Rod was Alina's fiancee. So, at last, Rod stood up and said goodbye to Louisa.

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