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   Chapter 104 The Decision Of Mother And Daughter

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After listening to Bruce's words, there was a flash of displeasure in Justina's eyes. But she also knew that if she fought against Bruce with toughness at this time, she would suffer losses in the end.

So she immediately changed her face and looked at Bruce aggrievedly, "I know, I won't do that again. Don't worry. I won't let my sister know. I'm leaving now. "

After that, Justina turned around sadly and left. Bruce was shocked by Justina's action.

He really didn't know what was going on in this woman's mind. Just now, she was acting shamelessly. But now, why was she acting like this all of a sudden.

If Justina was as noisy as a shrew, Bruce would treat her without hesitation and even try to get her out of his sight.

But now, Justina acted as if she was a victim, as if he had done something excessive.

After Justina left, Bruce threw the documents in his hands out of annoyance. How could things turn out like this? He didn't want Louisa to be hurt, but now she had been deeply hurt.

On the other side, after Justina left Bruce's office, the sad expression on her face was gone, instead, she raised a smug expression.

She didn't believe there was a man that she couldn't deal with. If she kept pushing Bruce too hard, he would fight back.

But she had to do something, otherwise she didn't know when Bruce would marry her.

Now it was the right time. She could not only threaten him, but also make him feel guilty. He couldn't really do anything to her, and she would take him as hers in a few days.

When she was waiting for the elevator, she saw Alina come out of it. As they made eye contact, it was obvious that Alina did not expect to see Justina here.

But she was just surprised, and soon remembered what happened between Bruce and Justina, so it was natural for Justina to be here.

"Miss Justina, I didn't expect you to be such a capable woman. What do you want now?"

Justina was so scheming that she wouldn't come here for no reason. So what's her purpose of coming here.

After hearing what Alina said, Justina smiled casually. Instead of getting angry because of what Alina said, she said with a smile, "if you don't mind, how about we find a place to have a talk?"

She needed to cooperate with every possible means to become Bruce's wife as soon as possible. And according to what she knew, Alina didn't like Louisa.

He was right that an enemy's enemy was his friend. That's why Justina was eager to cooperate with Alina, so that she could be more powerful.

"I don't know what you are talking about. We have nothing to talk about. Don't think that I don't know what you have done. Do you think all the members of Mu family are stupid? "

After hearing what Justina said, Alina glanced at her disdainfully. Although she didn't like Louisa, that didn't mean that

with a smile, "do you want to ask me if I agree Justina to be with your brother Bruce?"

Alina thought Landon knew nothing about it. Actually, she preferred Justina now. What's more, Louisa had an unidentified child with her.

How could Mu family let an unknown child come in. In the past, she gave Louisa a cold shoulder because Louisa could only make Bruce excited.

Now Justina was involved, of course Landon would choose her. After hearing what Landon said, Alina smiled.

"Mother, I like that Justina. Besides, my brother Bruce is the master of Mu family. How could he want a woman with a child. Besides, look what our family has become since Louisa came to our home. "

From what Landon had said just now, it could be seen that she had a very bad attitude toward to Louisa. That was why Alina didn't take much interest in it and had to obey. As expected, after hearing the words of Alina, Landon's face also showed an expression of approval.

Looking at the expression on Landon's face, Alina said to her with a fawning face, "since you think so, let's let Justina join the party. My brother Bruce has warned us not to let anyone else know about it. Then, let Justina do it by herself. "

If it weren't for Bruce's warning, Alina would have told everything to Louisa. Now that she couldn't tell that to Louisa, they could just let Justina do it by herself. In this way, no matter what the result was, it had nothing to do with them.

Landon thought for a while after she heard what Alina said, and then she nodded slightly. She had to admit that what Alina said was right. Now, Bruce was still obsessed with Louisa. If they separated Bruce and Louisa from each other so violently now, they would surely make Bruce unhappy.

But if that was done by Justina, they had nothing to do whether it was a success or a failure. When she saw Landon nodding, Alina was very happy.

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