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   Chapter 102 Cancel The Wedding

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So Landon just stood out and said to Bruce, "we Mu family are not so irresponsible. Whether you are willing or not, now that things have happened. I think we'd better call off the engagement now. We can talk about the rest later. "

Now that Mu family was going to cancel the engagement, Louisa was nowhere. People would thought that Mu family might do something inappropriate. But at least they should be forgiven.

Hearing what Landon said, there was a flash of complacency on Nora and Justina's face. But both of them had concealed their emotion well, it was not appropriate to say that no one was in the mood to pay attention to their expressions now.

Bruce was also looking at Landon in surprise, but when he saw the two women crying on the ground, he felt really headache.

So Bruce nodded. Both Nora and Justina looked at each other.

They could tell from each other's eyes that they were on cloud nine. At least it meant that Bruce was beginning to change his mind. As long as they got a chance, Justina was sure to get it through him.

On the other side, Ken left the villa of Mu family. Not far away from the villa, he saw Louisa standing there, sweating. With some snacks in her hands, she looked very anxious.

Ken had to admit that Louisa was really beautiful, but in this embarrassing moment, it did not affect her beauty at all. Bruce would never know that he had missed such a wonderful scenery today.

After a while, Ken saw Louisa slowly squat down. And her shoulder was twitched as if she was crying. Thinking of that, Ken walked to her in a hurry and asked, "what's wrong with you?"

He was also very curious about how could this woman come here with these things in her arms. Today was their engagement day. Wasn't Louisa supposed to stay in her room quietly?

After hearing the voice, Louisa looked up at the man in front of him, tears welling up in her eyes. When she saw clearly that the man was really Ken. "I finally find a person I know now. Take me home now," said Louisa happily

She had been out for a long time, and Mu family must be waiting anxiously. Today was their engagement day, so Bruce would surely be angry.

Looking at Louisa's face, Ken nodded slightly. After they got into the car, Ken asked, "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be at home? "

Ben was sure that Louisa would not suddenly appear here. Was this also the plan made by Justina? If that was the case, then this woman was really terrible. He couldn't believe that Justina had planned everything well.

"Alina asked me to buy her something. I thought it's still early, so I agreed. But after I came out, I lost my way, "

With a dejected look, she confided in her misfortunes. How could she get lost in such a short distance. She had stayed here for nearly three hours, but she couldn't get

tered the room, Bruce kissed Louisa on the lips without hesitation. The kiss from Bruce was full of earthly despair. Louisa was taken aback by his desperate look.

She bit so hard on Bruce's lips. Maybe it was because of the blood, Bruce went even more crazy. He threw her on the bed and pounced on her.

Bruce felt he was so dirty. If he didn't treat Louisa in this way, he would go crazy. After a crazy night's torture, Louisa finally passed out. Looking at the woman who had fainted in his arms, Bruce gently walked to the balcony and lit a cigarette.

He thought he was so smart that he was framed by a woman. Although he hadn't been with Louisa for a long time, he knew that she would not tolerate sand in her eyes.

If she knew what had happened between him and Justina, she would leave without hesitation. It was the first time in his life that he felt scared. But now, he could do nothing about it.

The most important thing is how to deal with Justina, and solve this matter before Louisa knew it. From the first sight of Justina, Justina was not the kind of woman who would give up easily, so the matter was rather tricky.

At the thought of this, Bruce's head ached. He glanced at Louisa on the bed cautiously. No matter what happened, he would never let Louisa leave him.

On the other side, Justina was sitting in a dark corner. Looking frivolously at Ken, she asked with a smile, "how are you? You will not suffer any loss if you cooperate with me. I mean what I said. I will always get what I want. "

Speaking of this, Justina was very pleased. She didn't expect it to be so smooth this time. It seemed that God was helping them.

A disdainful smile appeared on Ken's face. This kind of woman would do anything to achieve her goal. How could she get along with such a treacherous woman. Now she was showing off shamelessly. How could she do that.

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