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   Chapter 101 Let Bygones Be Bygones

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When he saw the unhappy smile on Justina's face, Bruce knew that he must have been trapped by her.

She had no idea where Louisa was. She didn't have a good relationship with Louisa. How could Louisa ask her to test him whereabouts.

He really wanted to know the whereabouts of Louisa, so he fell into the trap of Justina. He wanted to leave here as soon as he thought of it, but just as he turned around and was about to leave, he felt dizzy.

Then he fell weakly to the ground. Before falling down, Bruce thought that he would definitely not let go of this woman after he woke up.

A faint smile appeared on Justina's face when she saw Bruce lying on the ground unconsciously. She finally had Bruce, and now she could do anything she wanted.

As long as she had sex with Bruce, he would not marry Louisa. So, with a smile, Justina got Bruce to bed, then took off her clothes and followed him to bed.

Before that, she sent a message to Nora, telling her that everything was going as planned. After receiving the message from Justina, Nora smiled smugly.

Nora was accompanying people cautiously just now, but now she looked very arrogant.

She would soon become Bruce's mother-in-law. Those so-called upper class people had to respect her decision.

On the other side, Justina was looking at Bruce angrily. She had tried so hard, but Bruce denied at all.

Was there something wrong with this man? Or was it because he was in a coma and couldn't do anything.

But when she thought of those men who had been with her before, Justina thought that might not be the problem. Anyway, she had been in such a situation, she had no choice but to go on.

She had to pretend that they had already had sex no matter what was going on. So when the people outside came in and saw them together.

Even if nothing had happened between them, shouldn't Bruce be responsible for her? Then she could show up at Mu family's house openly and hatefully.

After a while, Nora felt that it was time to go back home. Then she said to Bill, "have you seen Justina? She was here a moment ago. Then I heard that Louisa was missing, so she went to look for her. But where is she now? "

With these words, Nora actually showed an anxious look at Bill, as if something had really happened to Justina.

After listening to Nora's words, Bill frowned unhappily. Now, what's Justina doing here? It was a very serious problem that Louisa was missing.

But now, Justina was gone. What on earth was going on.

"Have you looked for her yourself? How can she disappear now? Go and look for her yourself."

But in the end, he couldn't help but ask her. Justina was person now, and she might have gone somewhere else. If he yelled that he daughter was missing, how would others think of he.

His daughter to be was missing today. And now his little daughter was missing too. Others would think that he was deliberately coming to m

fore he fainted was like a movie, flashing through his mind.

So he looked at his side with a long face and saw Justina holding the quilt crying. Bruce's face was now hard to describe, because he already knew that he must have been calculated by Justina.

But he really had no memory about what happened in the coma. Looking at Justina's appearance, he really thought that they had sex.

At the thought of this, Bruce couldn't help but have a headache. He didn't like this Justina, but now he had sex with her.

This scene had been seen by so many people. Thinking of Louisa who was not at home, Bruce's face turned ghastly pale.

"No one is allowed to leak out what happened today. If anyone dares to do so, I will not spare him. I'm warning you."

So he had to block the news first. Otherwise, if Louisa knew it, she would leave without hesitation. As for how to deal with this Justina, he still needed to think about it carefully.

"How can you do this to me? You said you would be responsible for me just now, but now you are treating me like this. Besides, so many people have seen it. I don't want to live anymore. "

After hearing what Bruce said, Justina knew that he must be afraid of being found out by Louisa. To her surprise, Bruce was still thinking about Louisa. Now that he didn't plan to be responsible for her, she would work hard.

After hearing Justina's words, Justina really bumped against the wall, although Nora knew that Justina did it on purpose. However, Nora cooperated with her and cried out, "Justina, you can't do that. What if you die? I would like to go with you! "

In fact, they knew that Mu family wouldn't let anything happen to them, so they dared to make such a fuss. Only in this way could Mu family make a concession. Since they prepared so much this time, they would never allow such thing to happen.

Looking at the two person who were crying on the other side, Landon had a plan in her heart.

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