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   Chapter 100 The Bride Was Missing

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Didn't Alina dislike me all the time? Why did she suddenly come here? At the thought of this, Louisa looked at Alina in confusion.

Upon hearing that, Alina was amused and said, "if I didn't come here, how could I know you are crying here. Besides, this is my home. I can go wherever I want. "

Said Alina arrogantly. This woman really thought she could fly up the tree and become a phoenix. When her brother Bruce was tired of her, he would kick her out one day.

"I don't know why you don't like me, but I really don't want to be your enemy. What should I do to make you forgive me? "

Louisa asked in frustration. She didn't think she had offended the woman, but she just didn't like her.

"Since you say so, there is a way. In fact, we have no grudge against each other. If you go to the supermarket nearby to buy something for me, I will forgive you. "

In fact, Alina was planning something else in her mind. If Louisa really leave now. Then she would tell Bruce that Louisa had run away from the wedding. Did Louisa make him lose face in front of so many people.

If so, Bruce might be very angry and even cancel the engagement. Then Louisa wouldn't be a member of Mu family and she didn't have to face her all day long. Thinking of this, Alina couldn't help praising herself. She was really clever.

On the other side, after hearing what Alina said, Louisa was surprised. She didn't expect that Alina would say these words to her today. Was Alina really moved by her words?

If this was really the case, then Louisa had to go. But before Louisa went to the supermarket, she couldn't help asking Alina, "are you telling the truth?"

She wanted to make everything clear before she went. What if Alina regretted after she bought it.

A disdainful smile appeared on Alina's face. She didn't expect that Louisa would be so stupid to believe her.

If she had known that it was so easy to deceive Louisa, she would not have cut the chase.

But she pretended to be very honest and only thought about it.

Then she nodded to Louisa with a smile, indicating that she was telling the truth. In fact, Alina was afraid that she would laugh out the moment she spoke.

After Louisa heard what Alina said, Louisa thought that she was telling the truth, so Louisa smiled and said, "that's what you said, and I'll go now. When I come back, you can't back out. "

As soon as she finished speaking, she grabbed her wallet and went out directly, leaving no chance for Alina to refuse. Seeing that Louisa got out here, Alina couldn't help but burst into laughter.

After she stopped laughing, she looked at the back of Louisa and said coldly, "when you come back, you will be kicked out."

She didn't believe that Bruce, a proud man, could forgive Louisa for humiliating him in front of so many people.

Then, Alina walked out of the room with a smile on her face and pretended to

lost the basic judgment. If it had been in the past, Bruce would not have believed that.

But now, Bruce unexpectedly believed it without thinking. Looking at him, Justina knew that her plan was half success.

So she smiled and said to Bruce, "Yeah, my sister shouldn't have done that. How could she be willful at this time. I'll take you to see her. There are so many people waiting downstairs. "

Said Justina, pretending to be considerate. Then she turned around and rushed outside. She didn't worry whether Bruce would follow her or not, but she knew he would follow.

Just judging from how nervous he had been when he was downstairs, she knew that he would definitely not leave Louisa alone. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Bruce followed up.

With a complacent smile, Justina took Bruce to a guest room downstairs.

Of course, Justina wouldn't leave with Bruce because Mu family would cooperate with her next plan.

When they arrived at the guest room downstairs, Bruce asked Justina with suspicion, "why do you take me here? Didn't you say you were going to look for Louisa? "

There was no figure of the Louisa in this room. What the hell did Justina want to do.

"Don't be angry, this is actually a test for my sister. As long as you drink this glass of wine, I will take you to find her. "

With these words, Justina handed the prepared wine to Bruce, as if they would leave after he drank it up. After hearing what Justina said, Bruce looked at Justina in suspicion.

But he was too worried about Louisa to figure it out. He hesitated for a while, but he couldn't help drinking that glass of wine. A complacent smile spread across Justina's face when she saw that Bruce really drank that glass of wine.

"What are you laughing at?" Justina's smile was not disguised this time. Bruce asked her with a cold face.

After hearing what Bruce said, Justina said nothing but looked at him with a smile.

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