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   Chapter 99 Engagement Party

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After dinner, they sent Louisa back. Since she was going to be a bride to be, she had to go home to spend more time with her family. She couldn't just hang out all the time.

As soon as she got home, she saw Landon sitting on the sofa and looking at the bag they had fancied. She knew that it must be Ben who had asked the servant to bring them here. She felt very embarrassed.

"Louisa, you are back. Come on, my girl. Why are you so disobedient? I don't need these. These gifts are too expensive. "

Even Landon, who was used to luxury brands, was surprised. After all, the products were specially prepared for the royal family of the UK. Now it was engaged in public business. The prices were so high that few people could afford them.

Of course, Mu family could afford it, but Landon felt it unnecessary, so she didn't come in several times. She didn't expect that Louisa would buy it for her. It must be very expensive in the future.

"I didn't buy these. One of my friends gave them to you. That's his place. We happened to meet him there, so he gave it to you. "

Louisa didn't tell her that the bag was sent by Ben. After all, they had an affair before, so she didn't tell Landon his name to avoid unnecessary trouble.

With Landon's eyes fixed on Louisa, Landon said to her carelessly, "well, then I have to thank you for your friend. How about introducing us to each other another day?"

A friend who could afford such a shop should not be a kind person. Landon didn't expect that Louisa was so smart and had such a friend.

After hearing what Landon said, Louisa smiled awkwardly and said nothing. Fortunately, Landon just said it without thinking, all her attention was on the luxury, so she had no time to find fault with Louisa.

After talking for a while downstairs, Louisa went upstairs.

Time went by fast. Soon it was the time for the engagement of Louisa and Bruce. As a matter of fact, it was only three days after Louisa came back to Mu family's villa. On that day, Mu family was very excited with great news.

Xia family was also full of people. It was the first time for them to be in a real wealthy family. So they were a little excited the whole morning. Especially Bill, who had made a fool of himself at the party earlier. He was determined to hold her head high in today's engagement party.

"Mom, do I look good in this dress today?" Justina was standing in front of the mirror and trying to hold back Louisa's imposing manner. She wanted to let everyone know who was the woman who really deserved Bruce.

Hearing that, Nora walked into the room in a hurry. When she saw that Justina was in a red dress, Nora smiled happily.

Her daughter was indeed beautiful. If Louisa didn't wear any make-up, she would definitely make a fool of hersel

control just now and forgot to consider if anything should happen to her. Now that he saw the tears, Bruce panicked.

Looking at the look of Bruce, Louisa tried not to cry. It was her own choice, and she could not blame anyone else.

But she still didn't want to face Bruce, so she turned her head and said to him, "you can get up first. You are pressing me."

She couldn't tell him that she had already known the truth. If he knew it, would he even pretend not to know it.

Hearing that, Bruce quickly got down from her. He looked at Louisa and said apologetically, "sorry, I was too emotional just now. Are you hurt? "

But he really couldn't control himself just now. He was just too impulsive. Louisa was really beautiful.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa shook her head at him with tiredness on her face, and then she lowered her head and didn't look at him any more. Looking at Louisa, Bruce didn't know what happened to her.

It happened that someone outside called him, so Bruce hurriedly said goodbye to Louisa, then turned around and left.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she watched Bruce leave. She couldn't figure out why she was engaged to Bruce. Was it for Bran? But if she really did that for Bran, why did she feel so painful in her heart.

"What's wrong? Shouldn't the bride to be happy today? Why are you crying alone here? "

Alina asked with a half smile, standing at the door.

It turned out that Alina came here was just to warn Louisa. But she saw Louisa crying so sadly here. It seemed that the woman wasn't faking it.

Thinking of this, Alina couldn't help gloating. It was Louisa who always set herself against her. Alina just didn't like this "Lady Louisa". If not now, she wouldn't like her in the future.

"Why are you here?" Hearing the familiar voice, Louisa wiped her tears in a hurry and asked.

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