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   Chapter 98 A Frank Talk

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Ben knew clearly what kind of person Louisa was. She would never accept anything from him.

But now that she had married into Mu family, she would have a hard time if she didn't get along well with her mother-in-law.

"Let's go. We haven't seen each other for a long time. It's a good chance for us to get together. Let's find a place to sit down and have a talk. It's really exhausting. If it wasn't for Justina, I wouldn't have walked for such a long time. "

Seeing Ben coming out, Susie suggested with a smile. Now what bothered Susie most was the reason why Louisa was suddenly engaged to Bruce. Was there any secret between them.

Moreover, she came here with Bran's instructions this time, so she could not solve the problem if she did not sit here.

Hearing what Susie said, Louisa knew what Susie wanted to do. Louisa sighed helplessly. What was done would come sooner or later. As a matter of fact, as soon as Susie appeared, Louisa knew what she wanted to say.

However, Louisa couldn't think of any other way except this one. What Bruce said was right. She couldn't be so selfish to hurt Bran.

Ben was planning to go to the mall with the senior managers of the company.

But he didn't expect to see them here. So he turned to the senior managers behind him and said, "you can go home now. I can handle the inspection myself."

Then the managers greeted him respectfully and left.

After all the people left, Susie said to Ben with a smirk, "making false accusations against personal matters. Since you have to inspect the shopping mall, I'll leave you alone. Louisa, let's go. "

Then she really tugged at Louisa's hand and was about to leave. She knew that Ben must say that on purpose, and she was just teasing him.

Hearing what Susie said, an awkward look appeared on Ben's face. But after a while, he calmed down. After all, they were so familiar with each other. Susie just wanted to laugh at him by doing so. Susie was as naughty as before.

Seeing that they had walked out of the room, Ben hurriedly caught up with them. He just said he was inspecting a shopping mall. He was only saying it to the company's senior leaders. If he really wanted to continue the inspection, why didn't he allow the company's people to follow him.

A smile appeared on Susie's face when she heard the footsteps that Ben caught up with.

Looking at the sweet smile on Susie's face, Louisa couldn't help but burst into laughter too. It was the same with the situation of Susie and Ben every time they were together. Sometimes, Louisa would wonder if they were enemies in their previous life.

But she didn't dare to say these words. If Susie and Ben knew what she was thinking, they would certainly not let her go.

The three of them found a private room in the restaurant under the shopping mall and sat down. She wanted to have a good talk with Louisa, so she booked a private booth. It was easier to protect her privacy.

After they sat down, Susie couldn't wait to ask, "Louisa, tell me why you suddenly engaged to Bruce?"

She didn't believe what Louisa said before. It was too sudden. She was also worried about Mu famil

On the other side, Ben said a few words calmly after hearing what Susie said, which immediately calmed her down. Ben spoke with bitterness, "didn't you notice? It's Louisa's own choice to fall in love with Bruce. "

If it was not for this reason, he would not allow the engagement between Louisa and Bruce. Perhaps Louisa didn't realize that she was truly happy every time she was with Bruce.

For all these years, he had never seen her smiling so happily. Since Bruce could make Louisa happy, why would they stop it.

Sure enough, after hearing what Ben said, Susie became incredulous. She couldn't utter a single word now.

"Are you serious?" She looked at him in disbelief. Why didn't Louisa tell her.

"I hope it's not true, but unfortunately it's true. Maybe Louisa even didn't notice it, but didn't you notice that every time she talked about Bruce, she looked so happy? "

He wished it was not the truth more than anyone else, but it was a pity that it was true. Hearing what Ben said, Susie tried to recall what had happened.

No wonder Louisa insisted on the engagement with Bruce. But should she tell Ben about Mu family or not. If Ben knew this, he wouldn't have let Louisa get engaged to Bruce. But now that Louisa fell in love with Bruce, things were so complicated.

"Well, in this case, I won't stop Louisa from getting engaged to Bruce. But if Bruce didn't treat Louisa well, I will still take her away. "

After thinking for quite a while, Susie finally made up her mind to take the chance since this man was Bruce and Brian's father.

Flinch was not a good way to solve the problem. If Bruce really did something to hurt Louisa, she would take Louisa away.

Hearing what she said, Ben nodded slightly. Then they went back to the private room together. Seeing them coming back together, Louisa knew that they must have discussed. So she just sat there and waited for their result. But after a long while, they did not say anything about it again.

Louisa finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that their final decision was the agreement of her previous thoughts.

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