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   Chapter 97 You Are Asking For It

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After hearing what Justina said, Susie sneered. what a shameless woman. She is able to hook up with any men as long as she met!' Susie thought. But Justina's plan would fail this time, because Susie knew that Ben wouldn't talk to her.

Susie had to admit that she knew Ben very well. As expected, after hearing Justina's words, he only took a slight look at Justina, and then left with Louisa and others with a smile.

Justina looked at the back of Ben in surprise. She couldn't believe that this man would still ignore her after she said so.

However, when she saw the expression of love on Ben's face, a feeling of dissatisfaction rose in her heart.

However, Justina still followed him. She wanted to see who on earth was the man who was so arrogant that he didn't take her seriously.

"Louisa, do you have something you like? Consider it as the engagement gift for you."

Walking towards them, Ben raised a bitter smile at the corners of his mouth. The woman he loved was about to get engaged, but she was not going to marry him.

He only hoped that the man would cherish Louisa. Ben couldn't make her happy.

Now that Louisa heard what Ben said, she didn't know what was in Ben's mind. She just took Ben as her good friend. She knew that he was rich, but except Bran, he could get gifts from Ben.

She seldom got gifts from Ben because he knew her.

But now that she heard what Ben said, she was surprised and looked at him.

"You have known everything?" Even she herself felt so unreal that she didn't tell the engagement to Ben and Susie. She always felt that there was a huge gap between her and Bruce, and it was impossible for them to become a real couple.

But now they seemed to know everything. Would they feel that they were ignored by their friend. Just before Louisa finished her words, she turned to look at them with a guilty look on her face, only to find that they were both looking at her with a smirk on their faces.

Louisa had planned to go shopping with her friends today. But now, Justina followed her and she couldn't say anything.

Thinking of that, Louisa turned to Justina and said, "Justina, you can go back first. You don't have to prepare dowry for me. You just need to show up on time. "

The reason why Louisa didn't want their dowry at all was that she acquiesced in it because she knew that Susie was mad at them.

Now she just wanted to have a talk with her two best friends.

Hearing that, Justina's eyes twinkled. Justina knew that Louisa wanted her to leave on purpose, but she had no interest in following them any longer.

This man was no better than Bruce anyway.

Now her target was Spencer. She had to prepare for the engagement party soon. Besides, she didn't want to pay with them. So, Justina said to Louisa with a smile, "Okay, have fun. I'm leaving now. We'll be there on time. "

And Justina secretly added in her heart that she would give a big gift to L

let her go! How can you do this to a girl like her?"

But the bodyguards didn't seem to hear what had not been heard by Louisa, and resolutely threw Justina out. Standing there and watching Justina being thrown out like a drowned mouse, with a happy smile on Susie's face.

Now it was time to let this woman know how powerful they were, so that she would not bully Louisa any more.

In fact, she knew that those bodyguards would not listen to Louisa, because they only listened to Ben.

As the bodyguard of Zhong family, they should obey the rule first. That's why Susie let go of Louisa and let her speak for Justina. Because even if she said it, it would not change anything.

Justina was thrown out. She lay on the ground in a mess and looked at them with a dark face. It's great. They inflicted humiliation on her today. She will pay them back ten times or even a hundred times in a day.

However, Susie was not afraid of her revenge. She even made a face at Justina, which made Justina so angry that she wanted to come forward and have a good fight with her.

But Justina knew it was not the right time to be impulsive, because she was no match for them at all.

She stood up and left this place full of humiliation. After Justina left, Susie happily took Louisa's arm and said, "those we hate are finally gone. Louisa, let's go shopping as we like."

She was going to have a good gathering with Louisa, but she was very unhappy because of this Justina's getting in the middle of it. Now seeing how miserable Justina was, Susie was in a better mood.

After hearing the words of Susie and looking at the back of Justina, Louisa sighed helplessly.

At this time, Ben also got dressed and came out. Then the three of them left the luxury store together. Before he left, he asked someone to pack the bag that Louisa and Susie liked, and sent them directly to Mu family.

He knew that if he gave it to Louisa, she would definitely refuse him.

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