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   Chapter 96 Let's Have A Baby

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How could Mu family's things be not good enough? Justina wanted to know how good that dress was. But thinking that Bruce would belong to her soon, a evil smile appeared on Justina's face.

"Okay, I will come back early. Aunt, do you want to buy something? I can bring it back for you. "

After hearing what Landon said, Louisa looked at her and asked. As the hostess of Mu family, she must have everything she wanted, but Louisa still asked politely.

After hearing that, Landon raised a smile and said, "I don't need anything. I'm an old woman and I don't need anything. You should buy more clothes and go to the beauty salon. Women should take good care of themselves. "

Landon looked at Louisa. The only delighted thing about this child was that she was a good kid. Louisa wouldn't forget these people every time she went out.

"Grandma, let me help you upstairs. Bran is with you today."

Bran held Landon's arm and went upstairs as he said. After watching Landon leave, Susie walked up to Justina and looked at her coldly, but didn't say a word.

At last, Justina couldn't stand it any more. She asked, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

Isn't this woman too nosy? It's their business. Louisa didn't say anything yet, what did Susie say here.

After hearing what Justina said, Susie sneered. This woman was so timid, but she dared to do something evil. She really didn't know what Justina was thinking.

However, Susie didn't know that it was because of her bravery. It was just that, when Justina was a kid, she was always scared of being beaten by Susie. And as a result, Justina always had shadow in her heart. When Justina was a kid, if Susie knew that she bullied Louisa, Susie would show her no mercy and beat her up.

Fortunately, Susie didn't know about it. Otherwise, she must have been bluffing Justina all day. But it was not the right time for Susie to care about that. She just smiled and said, "I want to see how cheap you are that you come to me on your own."

She knew what was on Justina's mind, so she didn't believe what Justina said just now. She looked at Justina ingratiating face to Landon, and she could know that Justina's purpose is certainly not simple.

After hearing what she said, Justina looked at her angrily and said, "you..."

Justina didn't expect that Susie would be so arrogant in Mu family. She thought at least Susie should restrain herself when she was here, but it didn't occur to Susie at all.

It was impossible for Susie to behave like that, no matter where she was.

Justina was so angry that she couldn't speak. Susie felt comfortable. Susie told Justina not to mess with them, but Justina didn't listen to her.

"Well, that's enough. Let's go. It's getting late. "

Looking at the two of them, Louisa had no choice but to come forward to mediate. It was not a day or

w him again.

After Ben came in, the waitress greeted him respectfully, "Hello, Mr. Ben."

Ben waved his hand to them and they left. With a skeptical look on Susie's face, she asked, "are you the boss?"

If she didn't get it wrong, the woman just called him Mr. Ben. Perhaps only JC Group was capable of carrying such a luxurious brand here from the United States.

Hearing what Susie said, he thought of their presence, and knew exactly why they were here. With a wave of his hand, he replied, "yes. What's up? Take whatever you like. "

At the other side of the party, Justina was totally ignored by them. Her face couldn't help but darken, but nobody noticed her existence.

In fact, when Ben came in, he saw Justina standing there. After all, he knew about the people of Xia family when they were in the United States, so he remembered Justina even they only met once.

Although Ben didn't know why Justina was with Louisa, he knew Justina must have some ulterior motives.

"You are truly worthy of being the president of JC Group. You have such a bold voice. We ordinary people are also conquered."

Susie teased. While saying that, Susie was observing Justina's expression. Seeing that Justina was frustrated, she understood and smiled.

Smiling from beginning to end, Louisa watched Susie and Ben making fun of each other. They used to get along with each other in this way, so Louisa didn't feel anything wrong.

Louisa ignored the existence of Justina, which made Justina the most angry.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Justina, the younger sister of Louisa."

As she spoke, she winked at Ben. Although she didn't know who the man was, he looked very rich. The waitresses who were arrogant before were all respectful to him.

Justina was not convinced. Why did Louisa know so many rich people? And these men were all more good-looking than one another. Why was Louisa so lucky.

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