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   Chapter 95 Make Up To Her

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10290

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Hearing that, Bran ran to Susie. To Louisa's surprise, he threw herself into Susie's arms.

With a fawning look at Susie, Bran said, "miss you so much. Why haven't you come to see me for such a long time? I miss you so much. "

After listening to Bran's words, Louisa took a disdainful look at Bran. She thought that Bran was just a fence sitter, who was not nice to her all day long. Louisa really didn't understand why Susie couldn't see through his little tricks.

Noticing that Louisa was looking at him, Bran made a face at her. Louisa was totally pissed off by Bran and swore to herself that she would teach Bran a good lesson after Susie left.

"What's wrong with your eyes? Why are you shaking? "

Looking at Louisa, Bran pretended to be innocent and asked. Hearing what Bran said, Susie looked at Louisa with a murderous look on her face. The look on Louisa's face became stiff. How could Bran do that to her. 'Just wait and see. I will teach you a lesson!' Thought Louisa.

"Sand is in my eyes. I'm going to wash my face. I'm not very sober yet."

Louisa didn't last long. She needed to make sure whether she was in a dream or not. Besides, she needed to wake herself up. Otherwise, she would never let Bran get away with it.

Seeing that Louisa went to the bathroom, Susie and Bran looked at each other. Deep worry could be seen in each other's eyes.

Actually, the reason why Bran asked Susie to come here this time was that he wanted her to persuade Louisa. He didn't know why Louisa agreed to get engaged to Bruce, but Mu family was too complicated. It was not suitable for an innocent person like Louisa.

So he wanted to take her away before she got hurt. But if Louisa really engaged to Bruce, it would be hard for them to leave here.

"Susie, please help me persuade her. She won't tell me no matter how I ask her. I know there must be a reason. Otherwise, she won't change her mind. "

Bran asked worriedly while looking at the direction of the bathroom. The only person that Louisa could talk to was Susie.

It made Susie's heart ache to see the worried look on Bran's face. Susie felt so sorry for the little boy who had been caring about them for so many years.

But even if Bran didn't say that, she would have a talk with Louisa. After all, marriage was a lifetime event. She couldn't make the decision by herself just like that in front of Susie.

Although she wanted Louisa to be with Bruce before, they knew each other at that time. She had never thought that Louisa would rush to make a decision about her lifetime's business. Thinking of this, Susie also looked at the bathroom with a worried face.

"Don't worry. I won't let your mother do such a silly thing. Don't worry. Besides, Bruce is indeed your father. If possible, I still hope that your mother can be with him. "

After all, Bruce was Bran's biological father. If possible, Louisa would better be with Bran.

But if Bruce didn't treat Louisa well, she would never allow Louisa to sacrifice her own life for the sake of Bran.

"I know. But Mu fam

aid was also beautiful, but with what Landon said, Susie felt at ease. Probably Landon didn't take a fancy to the background of Louisa, and now she also wanted to see what kind of dowry that was mentioned by Justina.

In that case, Justina would have to wait for her blood to be paid today. There was no need to save the money that came to her.

"Auntie, you are not old at all. I don't think you're old at all. Maybe you're walking with us. Others think we're sisters. "

After Justina heard what Landon said, she had no time to think about other things. In fact, she was just flattering Landon, who also liked to be praised young, so Landon was not the exception.

After hearing what Justina said, Landon said happily, "you can make me happy. I am old and still sisters. Don't make fun of me. Have fun. You're always welcome to our Mu family. "

In fact, what Landon was thinking was that if this blood type was Louisa's, then how about Justina's. If that was the case, she liked Justina more than Louisa.

Justina was a sophisticated and troublesome woman. As the hostess of Mu family, it was obvious that Justina was much more suitable than Louisa.

After listening to Landon's words, there was a happy look on Justina's face. Her effort was not in vain, as she found that Landon seemed to like her very much.

On the other side, Susie and others were not in a good mood after hearing what Landon said. What did Landon mean by saying that in front of them.

Landon patted Justina's hand, stood up and said to Louisa, "have fun. You'll be back early in the afternoon. The designer is going to bring the dress here today. You have to try on it. "

Landon couldn't go too far on Louisa before she was not sure whether the blood type of Justina was that. If it was not Justina, Louisa would be her only choice.

Landon was indeed the lady of Mu family. She had left a way out for herself when she decided to do something, and never overdone it.

There was a flash of jealousy on Justina's face after hearing what Landon said.

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