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   Chapter 94 A Strange Match

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This Louisa was as innocent and stupid as before. Louisa even wanted to repair the relationship with Xia family in the past. How could Louisa do that after Justina said something nice to her.

But Justina was worried that Louisa could see that, and her disdainful smile was soon covered up by Justina. Justina nodded to Louisa with a smile and then left.

After Justina went back home and told this matter to Nora, Nora snorted disdainfully and scolded Louisa severely.

But they told the news to Bill when he came back. It was not because they wanted to have him in the party, but because they needed his help.

That's why they told Bill about it. Otherwise, they would not let Bill know even if he was given invitation card. They didn't want to make it happen. They were looking forward to laugh at Louisa.

"Justina, are you serious?" After listening to Justina's words, Bill asked happily.

It seemed that Louisa still had some conscience and didn't forget them. Otherwise, he would never forgive Louisa all his life.

After hearing his words and looking at his happy face, Justina couldn't help but roll her eyes in her heart. But she still replied with a smile, "of course it's true. I went to see my sister this afternoon. It was her who told me."

Justina did not hide anything about her going to find Louisa because she always acted as a good sister in front of Bill. And she cared about Louisa from time to time. In this way, Bill would hate Louisa more, wouldn't he?

"What? You said you went to see Louisa? " Hearing what Justina said, Bill was even more surprised. Since the last time they met at the banquet, they never saw Louisa again. He was still angry about what happened last time.

But now, Justina said that she was going to see Louisa. That must be because Justina tried her best to please Louisa, so she invited them to her engagement party.

When he thought about this, even though he was very angry, he still managed to smile at Justina and said, "that's right. Now Louisa's identity is different from before. People she makes friends with are either rich or powerful. You should spend more time with her so that you can make more friends like her. "

In his eyes, those who were still unknown to him had nothing to do with them. But it would be definitely helpful for Xia's Group, if Justina knew those people.

That's why he gave his support to Justina to expand her social network by taking advantage of Louisa.

A complacent smile appeared on Justina's face after she heard what Bill said. Even if Louisa was Bruce's fiancee, in his father's heart, only such a daughter was the most important.

Looking at her father, Justina still smiled and answered, "yes, father. I'll listen to you. I'll make more good friends, so that Xia's Group can take the lead."

Justina knew what Bill cared the most, so she took Xia's Group as an excuse. As expected, aft

the door. Louisa had no doubt that if Bran were here, Louisa would give him a good beating.

After hearing what Louisa said, Susie looked at her. With a grip on Louisa's ear, Susie continued, "I think you are really something, aren't you? How dare you want to break his henchmen? I will beat you up first. "

Susie was famous for defending Bran, but now Louisa said that in front of her. Coupled with Louisa's performance before, Susie really had a great deal of strength.

With these words, Louisa covered her ears and pleaded with a sad look, "little ancestor, I was wrong? Break my legs! I won't do it again. Could you let go of me first? It hurts so much. "

Damn it! Susie did it with all her strength. It hurt so much. Now no matter what Louisa said, as long as Susie was willing to let go of her ears, that would be enough.

"That's more like it. If I hear this again, you'll see how I punish you."

Hearing that Louisa was begging for mercy, Susie gave her hands back, but in the end, she threatened to Louisa.

Louisa had bullied Bran a lot these days. Susie had been protecting Bran before. Now she was not by his side. How poor he was.

Leaning against the door frame and watching the strife between Louisa and Susie, Bran couldn't help sighing in his mind, 'what a splendid show!'. People always say that three women make a great show. Now only two of them can make a good show.

"I swear I won't do it again! I swear!" Louisa really didn't know what spell Bran has fed to Susie. This woman just takes him as a treasure and he can't be touched by anyone.

Therefore, Bran was very arrogant and even wasn't afraid of Louisa. Thinking of this, Louisa felt a sense of frustration. As a mother, she had no sense of achievement.

After hearing that, although Susie nodded in satisfaction. Louisa was smart. Otherwise Susie would have taught her a lesson. Then Susie waved to the door and shouted, "come in, Bran."

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