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   Chapter 92 A Plot Was Born

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10229

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Actually, Justina's purpose of stirring up the trouble was to ask Nora for help. After all, it was not easy for her to get what she wanted. Besides, she was well aware that Nora was eager to help her find a rich man?

They had been looking for him for so many years, and now he was here, ready-made. Why just let him go. Moreover, she even snatched Bruce away from Louisa. At the thought of this, she felt very pleased.

"What do you mean by that?" Nora was shocked to hear that. Although she felt interested, she was not sure.

After all, Bruce was so far away from them. They had never imagined this before. Although Justina had made herself pretty clear with what she had said, Nora still could not believe it.

"You got me. Mom, you will help me, won't you?"

Seeing the disbelief on Nora's face, Justina knew that she must have heard her words. Nora asked in disbelief.

All Justina needed to do was to convince Nora and ask her for help. So she held Nora's arm and acted like a spoiled child.

"You mean you want to marry Bruce and take him away from Louisa?"

Right now, Nora was trying hard to ignore Justina and behave like a spoiled child in front of her. She wanted to wake herself up and keep a clear mind.

But she was thrilled at the thought that Bruce was going to be her son-in-law.

Seeing these old women trying to please her, Nora felt elated.

So after seeing Justina nod her head slightly, Nora said happily, "you deserve to be my girl. You are so ambitious."

It was totally out of Nora's expectation that Justina had the intention. But Nora would support everything with her support.

"Will you help me?" After hearing what Nora said, a smile appeared on Justina's face and she asked with a smile. She knew that Nora would be happy because it was also Nora's dream.

After hearing the words of Justina, Nora smiled and asked, "of course, I can help you in any way you want. Just let me know when you use me. "

Now that Justina wanted to snatch Bruce from Louisa, how could Nora not support her. It was Bruce, the CEO of Mu's Group. Nora couldn't help feeling excited at the thought of it.

After listening to Nora's words, Justina smiled with relief. She was waiting for Nora to say it. She said to Nora, "you are the best. I need your help now."

Why did she wait for Nora all morning? It was time for Nora to do her work.

She didn't expect that Justina would need her now. But Nora knew there must be something waiting for her in the early morning.

However, when thinking of that Justina was going to be Bruce's wife, Nora asked with pleasure, "tell me, how do you want me to help you?"

Now she could only think of a solution for Justina. She didn't know anyone who was close to Bruce. Nora could only depend on Justina's own effort, and she could not help, so she could not guess what Justina wanted her to do.

"Mom, give me some money, please. I want to meet Ken, Bruce's younger brother. I heard that he has a bad relationship with Bruce. Now he is fighting with Bruce for that b

together, Michelle felt strange.

"Why are you here?" Ken didn't expect to see Michelle here, but he wasn't flustered at all. The three had the same purpose.

"This is not yours. Why can't I come here. Or do you have some secret that you are afraid that I will tell others? "

Hearing what Ken said and looking at his face that looked like Bruce, Michelle was very angry. She cried just now, but soon she understood. Now, Bruce was enchanted by that bitch, Louisa. No matter how sad she was, he couldn't see her.

Then what would she feel sad about? She wanted to find a place to have a cup of coffee to calm down. She didn't expect to see them when she opened the door and looked at them suspiciously.

One was his rival from Bruce, and the other from Louisa. If they found each other, nothing good would happen.

"What ulterior motive does the unmarried couple have? Since you are here, let's sit down and have a drink together. After all, we have the same purpose, don't we?"

As Ken said, he made a gesture of welcome to Michelle and said in a calm tone. After listening to Ken's words, she looked at Justina, who was sitting opposite to him, and snorted coldly. "Ken, don't blame me for not reminding you. You should keep up with those who are shameless. Otherwise, you will be laughed at."

After saying that, Michelle turned around and left with pride. Michelle didn't know why she didn't like the Justina, even worse than she hated Louisa.

Now that Ken was with Justina, he must be plotting how to ruin the engagement banquet three days later. If that was the case, she would be happy to see it.

Justina did not expect that Michelle would be so disrespectful to her and say that in front of so many people. She was determined to teach this woman a good lesson after she married Bruce. However, people couldn't find any sign of displeasure from the smile on her face.

Ken had been watching Justina since he heard what Michelle said. When he saw the expression on Justina's face, he had to nod with a smile.

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