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   Chapter 91 The Disturbance Before Engagement

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Seeing that Bran was suspicious of her, Louisa just pretended to be sad and said to Bran, "how can I be so failure? Now you don't even believe what I said to my own son."

While saying that, she glanced at Bran from the corner of her eyes, observing the reaction on his face. Bran, on the other hand, rolled his eyes in the air.

Then he looked at Louisa with a disdainful face and said, "alright, stop acting. You are a mother of a kids. I'm ashamed of you even if you don't realize it."

He knew that she must have something to hide from him every time he saw her like this. Alright, he decided to look into it himself.

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. She, as a mother, was despised by her son all day long. Was it really good?

On the other side, after Bruce went back to the company, he taught Bobby to go to his office.

"President, what can I do for you?" Bobby, who was standing respectfully at the door, looked at his boss and asked, Mr. Bruce seems to have something to deal with today. Bruce usually waited for him to report his schedule. Now why did Bruce come to him.

While organizing the documents on his desk, Bruce said to Bobby, "put your work aside first, and then help me prepare for the engagement ceremony. Not necessarily the best. But at least not too shabby. "

He had no idea how shocked Bobby was when he heard Bruce's words. Bobby looked at Bruce in disbelief. The news of the CEO was so surprising.

"What's wrong?" When he heard no answer from Bobby for a long time, Bruce stopped his work and looked up at Bobby.

Bruce didn't know how shocking his news was, but he just thought that Bobby might not know that as well.

"Mr. Bruce, may I ask you one more question? Who is this engagement ceremony for?"

Bobby couldn't believe it was their CEO's engagement ceremony, although their CEO had already proposed to Miss Louisa. But he always felt the gap between them was too big. It seemed that they could never be together.

After hearing Bobby's words, Bruce finally understood what he was struggling with, so Bruce asked with a cold face, "what do you think?"

No wonder Bobby behaved like he had seen a ghost just now. Was it so impossible for Bruce to get engaged? Didn't he know how happy it is to have no one to accompany you all your life?

Bruce took all the blame on Bobby for this period of time.

"Well, Mr. Bruce, may I ask when the engagement ceremony will be held? Or I can make some preparation according to the schedule. "

If Bobby still couldn't understand why Bruce treated him this way, then it was really a waste of time to stay with Bruce. It never occurred to him that Bruce would actually be engaged to Louisa.

The people in the company who were waiting to see the drama must have been greatly disappointed. In fact, he thought that Louisa was a nice person, at least better than those affected women.

After listening to Bobby's words, Bruce had to admit that Bobby was very smart. Otherwise, he would

Sitting on the sofa, Justina looked not reconciled.

When Nora went downstairs, she saw that Justina was sitting there with an unhappy face. She asked gently, "dear daughter, what's wrong? Who made you angry again? "

Since they drove Louisa away, Xia family had become the rule of the mother and daughter. Moreover, Nora was more fond of Justina, and she almost gave Justina everything she wanted. She was hoping that her daughter would marry to a real rich man, so that she could also be proud for a while.

"It is a stroke of luck for that bitch, Louisa, to get so close to the CEO of Mu's Group, Bruce. They are going to get engaged in three days."

After hearing Nora's words, Justina looked at her unhappily. She was not reconciled at all. What's so good about that Louisa? She could get someone like Bruce.

"How do you know? Are you telling the truth? "

After hearing what Justina said, Nora asked in surprise. She hadn't heard such news yet. In the past, Bruce had proposed to Louisa. But there was no news about her after that. They were all waiting to see Louisa make a fool of herself.

Why did they get engaged so suddenly? If this was the case, Louisa must take the initiative to mess with them again.

After hearing what Nora said, Justina was still a little annoyed and said, "it was Rod who told me about that. Is that true?"

She was mad to death, but she couldn't believe that Nora still doubted her words. Did Nora really want to piss her off?

Seeing the anger on Justina's face, Nora said angrily, "I didn't expect Louisa to be so lucky to hook up with such a man like Bruce after leaving for seven years. I really don't know what's going on with that bitch's luck. "

Nora didn't like that Louisa before, so she set her up and got her out of here. But now, Louisa was even more annoying.

"Mom, help me please. I can't just let them get married? Only your daughter is good enough for a man like Bruce. "

Looking at Nora's angry face, Justina felt that the time was almost up.

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