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   Chapter 89 Kiss

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When Landon heard what the doctor said, she even burst into tears. After so many years, Sky finally got better.

So she looked at the doctor and said excitedly, "thank you, thank you. I will take Sky to the hospital. Thank you so much, Doctor Zhang. "

Perhaps it was because she was so agitated that she almost overreacted when she spoke. Landon was no more than an ordinary mother.

Hearing what the doctor said, Bran felt relieved. It was lucky that Sky was not hurt, or else Louisa would be guilty all her life.

After the family sent Dr. Zhang away with gratitude, Bran got off Bruce's body and quietly went back to the room where Louisa stayed.

"How is it going? How is Sky now? "

As soon as Louisa saw Bran come back, Louisa asked nervously. She had been restless since Bran left just now, so she was worried that something might have happened to Sky.

Looking at the nervous look on Louisa's face, Bran stopped keeping her guessing and directly said to her, "he's all right now. Not only is he all right, but the doctor also said that his condition is getting better."

'How did he get better after he fainted?' Bran wondered. Bran looked at her suspiciously. Was it due to her blood.

If it was true, they were too dangerous to stay here.

Now they may not know the reason why Sky was still alive. If they do know the truth, will they take Louisa's blood and cure Sky.

At the thought of this, Bran's face darkened. He would never allow anyone to hurt her.

Seeing the changing expressions on Bran's face, Louisa had no idea what he was thinking about. She heaved a sigh of relief and asked Bran, "what's wrong? Is there anything wrong? "

Shouldn't they be happy to know that Sky was fine too? But Bran didn't look like happy.

"Don't worry. I'm just thinking about something. Well, you'd better get changed now and don't let your knees show during this period of time, "

Bran didn't want to worry Louisa before everything was clear, so he didn't tell Louisa his guess. Straightening his face, he pushed Louisa into the dressing room.

When the night fell, Louisa lay in bed, thinking about what had happened today. It's incredible that Bruce treated her well these days just because of the blood on her body. Thinking of this, Louisa couldn't help feeling heartbroken.

She had taken a fancy to Bruce just now, but now she realized that it was all her own wishful thinking. Alina was telling the truth. Bruce was just interested in her body.

In this case, she had to give up Bruce. She would carefully complete the Swan project, and then took Bran away from here. She was still that small designer, as if they had never known each other.

The next day when she got up, Louisa was still in a bad mood. Bran looked at Louisa worriedly. He knew that unless Louisa figured it out herself, no one could talk to her.

"Bran, I'm fine. I was thinking about something last night,

him a punch without hesitation.

Bruce didn't see Louisa when he came out just now. He was still angry that Louisa left by herself. When he walked out of the house, he was still thinking about how to get even with Louisa later. To his surprise, he saw that Louisa was sitting in Ken's car.

He was almost driven mad at that time. But judging from their pale faces, he was sure that they were not flirting. Then he saw Ken pressed against Louisa and tried to kiss her by force. This made Bruce so angry that he rushed over and gave him a punch without a second thought.

All of a sudden, the pressure on her body disappeared. She fell on her seat and gasped for breath. She was freaked out just now. If Bruce hadn't come in time, she wouldn't know what would have happened.

"You bastard, I can't believe you did such a crazy thing. I'm warning you, if you ever force her to accept you, I don't mind destroying her, so that you won't get anything. "

Bruce knew what kind of person Ken was. He would try every means to achieve his goal. If he didn't say that, Bruce couldn't imagine what Ken would do in the future.

Ken snorted. Then he shrugged his shoulders and drove away.

Bruce regarded himself as the man of Louisa. But just now, Louisa told Ken that she would not fall in love with any man of Mu family. That was to say, she would never like Bruce, which was a good thing for Ken.

Ken was so angry that he ignored the question. He was looking forward to a splendid life in the future.

On the other side, Louisa, sitting in the car, looked at Bruce in disbelief after hearing his words. She didn't expect that he would say something like that. She knew that Bruce had been using her all the time.

But now, facing such a shameless fact in front of her, not only felt embarrassed, but also heartbroken. Although she had known the truth and decided to let it go before, she still felt heartbroken when she heard it from Bruce.

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