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   Chapter 88 Blood Disorder

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Louisa looked at Sky in disbelief. Everything was all right just now, but why did he suddenly turn around. Sky must have done it on purpose. Was it fun to play with her like this?

"Have you laughed enough? Is it really funny? "

Louisa looked at Sky coldly. She felt sorry for the boy and wanted to help him. Who knew that he was still so hateful, and she was really crazy just now to have such thoughts.

Hearing what Louisa said, Sky finally stopped smiling. He looked at Louisa and said, "yes, it's very interesting. You are really as stupid as I imagined. I wonder if my brother Bruce is so blind to fall in love with you. "

With these words, he looked at Louisa with a look of disgust, as if sitting here and talking to her was a huge insult to him.

She went crazy. She must be out of her mind. Otherwise, she wouldn't come to him. Louisa was so angry that she forgot her original plan. She stood up and was about to leave his room. However, something happened.

She lost her balance and almost fell down on the table. Although she was very weak, her knees still bumped against the corner of the table and were bleeding instantly.

All of a sudden, the room was filled with the smell of the blood that hadn't been left yet. In addition, the scent of the body that hadn't been left yet, so the room was filled with the smell of Louisa.

Originally sitting there with a cold face, Sky looked at Louisa in disbelief. Sky felt annoyed as he smelled Louisa's smell. And his eyes were red with anger, constantly coming closer to Louisa.

It was as if a trapped beast had spotted its prey. Louisa was so shocked by his look that she even forgot to react.

And meanwhile, Bran pushed the door open and came in.

Then he saw Louisa on the ground, and Sky, who had been completely out of control. He rushed to help Louisa stand up and covered her wound with his hand. After Bran helped Louisa out of Sky's room, Sky passed out.

After Bran helped Louisa back to her room, he looked at Louisa who was freaking out and sighed. She believed that there must be something suspicious behind this. Or else, she would never take the initiative to talk to Sky.

From Sky reaction today, it seemed that his conjecture was true.

The blood of Louisa had a special significance to every man of Mu family. It was also the reason why Bruce had sex with Louisa and had a relationship with her.

Because after getting along with Bruce these days, he knew that Bruce was not a reckless man. Bruce was absolutely out of control by doing something like that to Louisa, Louisa whom he had never met for the first time.

If that was the case, they would be in great danger in Mu family's villa now. Bruce was not the only man in the Mu family. There must be a lot of people watching them.

"Bran, you also suspect, right?"

After a while, Louisa came to herself

, "it is not clear that the doctor is still checking. When the maid passed by just now, she saw him faint in the room."

He had also been sick before, but he had been fine recently. They thought Sky was fine and didn't need to be so cautious, but it turned out they were still careless.

Hearing what Bruce said, Bran said softly, "Oh, I hope uncle Sky will be okay."

Although he didn't like Mr. Sky, Bran still felt sorry for him when he saw him being tortured by doctors. Therefore, even if it was none of their business, Bran would say so.

Hearing what Bran said, Bruce smiled in relief. At this time, the doctor was also late for the check-up. Landon asked the doctor anxiously, "Doctor Zhang, how is Sky?"

He was fine these days, but why did he faint today. And he didn't look like a patient. What happened.

After hearing what Landon said, Dr. Zhang looked at Landon with joy and said, "the young master is getting better, it's really strange."

It was weird that Sky was recovering from his illness. Over the years, he had been taking charge of the treatment of Sky, but he had tried every method, which had no effect.

But now Sky's condition has become much better. It's unbelievable, it was amazing. Anyway, it was good news.

"Doctor Zhang, is that true?"

Landon asked incredulously. It was a body refiner who had been taking from his mother since he was born. Back then, she had been lack of blood vitality. The disease had been troubling Sky since then. The doctor said that he couldn't live for twenty years, so Mu family loved him so much.

Now Dr. Zhang said that Sky was getting better, did it mean that he was all right. It was good news for them and she didn't need to feel sorry for the kid any more.

After hearing what Landon said, Doctor Zhang frowned and said, "for the time being, it's like this, but I'm not sure, you can take him to the hospital for a full check."

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