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   Chapter 87 Have A Heart To Heart Talk

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For a long time, he did not hear the voice of Louisa. He looked at her discontentedly, only to find that she was just standing there in a daze.

He rolled his eyes at the sky and scornfully retorted, "you are such a stupid girl. Now that I have spoken ill of you, why don't you refute me?"

Now he was bullying her, and this woman still did not refute. Now he began to suspect whether this woman was narrow-minded so that she was bullied by him like this.

After hearing what he said, Louisa was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. It was the first time that she had despised others for not retorting to him. As expected, every member of Mu family was odd. Even the way this little boy think is so weird.

"Have you finished? Can I leave now? " She had to go to work. This little boy would never stop.

After hearing that, Sky looked at her angrily and said, "do you dislike me now? Or do you have any complaints about me? What an ungrateful woman! You have eaten, used and lived in our home, and now you are disliking me! "

This woman was so annoying when she didn't talk. Sky really didn't know what's wrong with Bruce. How could he fall in love with this woman. In the past, he always adored Bruce. Now it seemed that he was wrong about Bruce.

With that thought in mind, he stared at Louisa even more disdainfully. It seemed that Bruce's eyesight was drawn down by Louisa.

She didn't want to have a quarrel with him. He just didn't like her. If he felt bored later, he would leave by himself.

As expected, after a while, there was no sound of Louisa. Sky glared at Louisa unhappily, then turned around and left.

Looking at Sky's back, Louisa's mind flashed. It suddenly occurred to her that Sky was quite reacted when they were in the restaurant. If it really had something to do with the matter of it.

Why didn't she give it a try? Everyone in Mu family was so smart.

If others knew it, they would surely doubt her. No matter how arrogant and willful Sky was, he was still a child, so Louisa didn't think he would doubt anything.

Thinking of this, Louisa was suddenly enlightened. She went downstairs with dark circles around her eyes. When she went downstairs, she found that Bruce and others had been waiting for her in the dining room.

"Are you feeling better? Do you feel uncomfortable? How about I take you to the hospital? "

Looking at the big dark circles under Louisa's eyes, Bruce asked worriedly. He thought that she didn't sleep well last night because she was not feeling well.

Thinking of what happened last night, he got angry. After he went to her room to check if Louisa was there after work, he found that she locked the door.

He had planned to open the door with the key, but Landon said that he should give some space to Louisa, so he gave

of the servants. They all treated him with great care and tried to flatter him. After playing once, he felt sick.

He really didn't understand what was on Bran's mind that he could play with them for such a long time. Didn't Bran feel bored in this way?

"Of course you should play with children together. Bran and you are almost the same age. You two can play together from time to time. Besides, you are too young to be confined in your room all day. "

After hearing what he had said, Louisa's heart broke. As a member of Mu family, it was not easy for Sky to learn such knowledge at such a young age. Thinking of Bran's current situation, Louisa felt relieved.

At least, he was still a child without being influenced by the surroundings.

However, upon hearing her words, with a puzzled look on Sky's face, he asked, "why did you say that to me? Every time I said that to you, shouldn't you hate me? "

He often bullied her and said she was stupid. Shouldn't Louisa hate him? Why would she say that to him? No one had said these words to him before, so he felt nothing wrong.

In fact, staying in the room all day like this also made him feel very lonely. But none of them knew about it. How did she know.

"How could I hate you? In my eyes, you are the same as Bran. You are just a kid. So whatever you do, I won't really get angry. It's not good for your health to stay in the room every day like this. Let me take you out to play. "

After hearing what he said, Louisa had a feeling that she had misunderstood him all the time. In fact, he also longed for attention, but in a little different way.

"I don't want to play with those people. Who are you? Why do you tell me that. I was just kidding. How are you feeling now? "

Looking at the pitiful look on Louisa's face, Sky gave her a sardonic look. He didn't expect that she would be so naive.

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