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   Chapter 86 A Menace

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10080

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Hearing that, Ken's eyes flashed. He took a look at Louisa up and down and wondered if they were all wrong. 'Is Louisa not as simple as she looks? Does she know what they are up to?

If so, I'm afraid that I have to change my strategy. '. However, Ken only found some sort of calmness in her eyes.

Only then did Ken realize that he had thought too much. What Louisa had said just now was just unintentional. In other words, she just sighed with emotion, which was not quite right with him.

"Well, let's stop talking about it. I wonder if I have the honor to invite you to lunch. I heard that Bruce is not here, so I'm worried that you don't know where to have lunch, so I come here for you. "

Ken didn't want to continue the conversation about that matter. He wondered what had Alina said to Louisa just now.

It had been such a long time, but she still looked pale.

After hearing Ken's words, Louisa looked at Ken in surprise. However, when she saw Ken's face, she remembered the scene that she saw him naked that night, and immediately blushed.

Then she looked down at the floor, trying not to look at Ken's eyes. Looking at Louisa's face, Ken thought she had a crush on him.

So he felt like on air, with a little bit of pride.

If she really liked him, he could not only get the remaining 20% of Mu family's stock, but also strutted and irritated Bruce.

With these thoughts in his mind, Ken felt very excited and satisfied, so he decided to strike while the iron was hot.

"Let's go." Then he turned around and walked outside, not caring whether Louisa agreed or not.

Ken's words brought Louisa back to reality.

Thinking of the dinner Ken had mentioned to her, not forgetting that they were going to have lunch together. In a hurry, she said to ken, "Mr. Ken, I don't want to go with you. I can go to the restaurant in the company by myself."

Now she was extremely embarrassed in front of Ken. If they had a meal together, Louisa really didn't know how to face him.

So she rejected him without thinking. And when she thought of the mean look on Bruce's face, she was frightened.

And now she had no appetite either. After hearing what Alina said, she was really scared and worried. If what she said was true, Louisa didn't know what to do.

Hearing that, Ken looked at her in confusion and asked, "what's wrong?"

She was fine just now, wasn't she? She looked shy. Was she playing hard to get? It turned out that Louisa was quite smart. No wonder Bruce was so loyal to her.

Nevertheless, even if she was a master in martial arts, he could get anything he wanted. At the thought of this, the smile on Ken's face became even weirder, and he looked at Louisa who was feeling a little guilty.

Being stared at by Ken all the time made her feel uncomfortable, but she still had to bite the bullet. "Nothing. I just don't have any appetite. You'd better eat it yourself. I'm afraid that I'll disappoint you. "

Anyway, she would not go to have dinner with

l, so he asked worriedly.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa said reluctantly, "I'm fine. I just feel a little uncomfortable for the days I get period every month."

In order not to arouse his suspicion, Louisa pretended to know nothing and made up an excuse.

Hearing that, Bruce's face turned red. It was his first time to know about women's privacy.

So he didn't know what to do for a while. He tucked Louisa in and watched her sleepy face. Then he quietly left the room.

After Bruce left, the sleepy Louisa was suddenly sprang up from the bed, frowning at the ground.

Now she knew that the man of Mu family must have some secrets about her. Last night, because she suddenly cut her finger, the atmosphere in the dining room became very strange. She didn't know whether this secret had anything to do with it, but she had to find out whatever it was.

Thinking of this, she got up the idea of investigating it. She tossed and turned all night without coming up with a good idea.

On the contrary, the next morning, when she got up, she saw the panda eyes in the mirror. She sighed helplessly.

She just stayed up all night. It was normal for her to have dark circles around her eyes. What pissed her off was that she couldn't find out where to start the search even if she had to pay a price for the whole night.

After Louisa walked out of the room hand in hand with her head, she ran into Sky at the door.

Looking at Louisa's spiritless face, Sky snorted with disdain and said, "who do you show your dead face to in the early morning? I really don't understand why my brother Bruce would fall in love with a woman like you. "

With these words, he even looked up and down at Louisa in disdain. This woman had a nice figure and a pretty face, and he really could not see what good she did.

Being seen by Sky, Louisa felt so ashamed. She really didn't understand why this little boy was so unlovely. His eyes and mouth were so vicious. Who would like such a child.

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