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   Chapter 85 The Truth Of Alina

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9399

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Looking at Louisa's blank face, her face was a little red because she just woke up. Bruce was so moved by how lovely the little girl was that he held her in his arms and kissed her on the cheek.

Louisa looked at Bruce in disbelief. How could he do this to her, and Bran was still here. At the thought of this, Louisa turned to look at Bran with a long face. She saw that Bran was staring at them.

Hearing that, Louisa blushed like a monkey's butt all of a sudden. She dared not look at Bran. It was a shame that they showed off in front of Bran.

Looking at her, Bran knew that she must be shy. With a bright smile on Bran's face, he pretended to be innocent and asked, "Mom, what were you doing just now?"

In fact, Bran had already known that, wasn't it just for kissing? It was said that men were more likely to be impulsive in the morning. Now, Bruce must hate him very much because he had ruined his good plan here.

Not knowing what was on Bran's mind, Louisa felt that she should not do this in front of a child. What if she taught Bran to be bad? She was really not a good mother.

"Didn't you see? I was kissing your mother. " Seeing that Louisa's face was so red, Bruce really thought that if he still didn't say anything, Louisa's face would be very red.

As he lifted the quilt and got out of bed, he answered Bran's question carelessly. Even Bran admired his father for his fearlessness as a hoodlum.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa glared at him with discontent. How could he say something like that to his kid? Bran was too young to do that.

But she could not think of any other way except for this. She could only get out of bed with them, blushing.

When the family of three finished cleaning and came out of their room, they met Alina at the staircase, who was about to go out. She took a meaningful look at Louisa before she turned around and went downstairs.

Louisa looked at her in confusion. She wondered what she had done that made her so annoying.

But since Alina didn't say anything, Louisa was happy to see that. Why did she want to talk to Alina? So, Louisa silently followed Bruce, lifted Bran in her arms and went downstairs.

After breakfast, they went to work together. Some design drawings of the Swan project had been handed in now, but the rest had not been completely completed, so it was not complete yet.

After Louisa returned to her office, she looked at the design drawing on the table and recalled what happened last night. She would better finish the Swan project as soon as possible and then leave Mu family.

The Mu family was too complicated for her to stay there. Thinking of this, she went back to her work and temporarily forgot about other things.

Time passed quickly every time when she did her work. When she looked

Louisa lost her composure.

Didn't she pretend to be calm just now? But now she didn't add it anymore?

After hearing what Alina said, the look on Louisa's face became more somber. In fact, Louisa had been doubting it all the time, but she didn't know that Bruce and she were not in that relationship at all.

If it were not for the Swan project, they would never be together. And now they were bound together just for their own interests. But why did her heart hurt after she heard what Alina said.

Louisa was devastated, and Alina was thrilled. These days she had been wronged by Louisa, which made her feel better.

Just as Alina was about to continue her persuasion, Ken walked in. Smiling, he looked at them and asked, "what are you talking about here? It's time for lunch. Why don't you go for lunch? "

Hearing the voice of Ken, Alina glared at Alina unwillingly. Then she snorted at Ken, turned around and left straight away.

Looking at Alina's back, Ken's eyes flashed, but when he looked at Louisa, he smiled like a spring breeze.

Looking at Louisa who was in confusion, Ken said with a smile, "this little girl has really been spoiled by us. If she does something wrong, please don't lower yourself to the same level as her."

Ken behaved as if he were a brother who loved his younger sister very much. Seeing that Ken behaved in such a way, Louisa suddenly felt a little envious.

If she had a brother like him, would she not have to suffer so much.

"It's okay. Actually, Miss Alina is frank. At least what she is thinking is all on her face. She doesn't like me or doesn't like me. I don't have to guess it. On the contrary, it's more likeable. "

Hearing what Ken said, Louisa answered with a smile. However, the one who said these words intently said that. In the eyes of Ken, these words seemed to say that he was calculating.

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