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   Chapter 84 Luke Has His Own Thoughts

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Louisa didn't know that Bran had thought so much, but after hearing his words, she finally felt relieved. She looked at Bran tenderly and said, "Okay, I won't worry about that. As long as Bran is with me, I will not worry about it. "

Too many things had happened this evening, first about the incident with Ken, and then about the fury at the table. No matter how obtuse she was, she could feel they were abnormal.

"Bran will always be there for Mommy." Upon hearing that, Bran turned around, lifted her in his arms and rubbed his body against hers.

He knew that his family was special. Now that he came back, he knew better what Louisa had sacrificed for him. Therefore, he made up his mind to protect her from anyone.

"You little fool, you're going to get married one day, and then you won't be able to stay with me."

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa couldn't help but rub Bran's head with a smile. Like other mothers, Louisa was also worried when talking about that. She was worried that if his son had a wife, he would forget his mother.

"Even if I was there in the future, I would always be there for Mommy. There would be more people who would protect Mommy besides me in that time."

Bran didn't take Louisa's words seriously. Who said that he would leave his mother after he found a wife? He must find a woman who was more filial than him, so that she could protect his mother.

"Okay, okay, I will listen to you. But can I take care of you now? Let's take a shower and go to bed. "

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa had a warm feeling in her heart. But she had sweated all over her body when she was on the ground just now. Right now, she felt sticky all over and wanted to take a good bath.

Hearing what she said, Bran didn't feel that she was so depressed. He smiled and said, "Okay, I will take a shower with mom today."

She used to bathe him too, but Bruce was too overbearing since they were here, so he didn't allow her to bathe Bran.

In the dining room downstairs, the atmosphere was more strange. After Louisa left, they calmed down quickly.

Eric squinted his eyes in the direction of where Louisa left and lost in thought.

On the other hand, Bruce had been watching them in silence. When he saw the look in Eric's eyes, his face darkened.

The expression on Ken's face had always been subtle. From the moment he had looked at Louisa, he had been thinking about something.

Their father had a will when he was alive. If any of them succeeded in inheriting the remaining 20% shares of Mu family and becoming the real master of Mu family, he would have the right to be the next successor.

Although Bruce temporarily took the position of the master of Mu family, he was not the real master after all. If Ken could be the father of Bran, he would be able to inherit the remaining 20% of the stock in the family

ything. Because he didn't know what else he could say now. After all, this was their family business and he was just their Butler.

"I know it's cruel to say so, but due to the blood type, they seem to be more attractive to Louisa's body. I think it is also the reason why Bruce asked for Louisa under such a circumstance. "

Landon sighed. Maybe this was their fate. Most people didn't believe in fate now, but to them, they had to believe in fate.

However, what Landon did not know was that their conversation was just heard by Alina, who just came to find her. She didn't expect to hear such an important news.

It turned out that this was the truth. No wonder her family began to act strange recently. It turned out that Bruce treated Louisa so well because her blood type controlled Bruce.

With this in mind, Alina quietly left the door of Landon's, and went back to her room with a complacent face. She wondered how interesting it would be if Louisa knew the truth.

The next day, Louisa always felt very tired after she woke up. Thinking of that, she wanted to turn around because she hugged Bran in her arms. However, she bumped into someone.

Looking at the handsome face that appeared in front of her, she could not understand what happened. Bruce wasn't here when they fell asleep last night, but why was he here now.

"You woke up?" In fact, he had woken up before Louisa made a move. He didn't say anything because he wanted to see how Louisa would react. "Louisa, what's up?".

He really doubted that if he didn't make a sound, Louisa would be suffocated to death. Since she saw Bruce here, Louisa had been panting.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa finally breathed a sigh of relief. She asked angrily, "Why are you here?"

This man had gone too far to get into her bed in secret every time. She wouldn't let Bruce get used to it. Otherwise, she would become an easy girl.

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