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   Chapter 83 The Stirring Of Blood

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After hearing what Landon said, Eric really wanted to ask, "are you really my biological mother?" Even though he can't do it, she can't hurt him like that.

But with the kids here, what they say was inappropriate. So even if he was really depressed, he could only keep it to himself.

"Okay, Bran, let me take you out to have fun. Don't forget to invite everyone to dinner. I have an important message to announce."

With these words, Landon stood up with Bran in her arms. She smile mysteriously to Bruce before her left. After Bruce received the smile from Landon, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

He didn't know why he always felt that the reason why Landon asked them back this time had something to do with himself. But Landon didn't say anything, and Bruce didn't ask either.

After all the people were seated at their seats in the evening, Frank and Alina finally showed up. Landon looked at them helplessly and said nothing.

"Well, now everyone is here. Let me introduce she to you earnestly. This is Louisa, your brother Bruce's wife. Although they are not married yet, they are my family's daughter-in-law. If anyone of you dare to hurt her, I will not let you go! "

Alina had stolen the design drawing of the project from Louisa. But Landon still knew it. She was really angry after knowing it.

Others didn't know how difficult it was for the men of their family to find the woman they had decided to marry, but how could she not know?

Bruce had sacrificed a lot for his family. Now he finally found the woman he loved, so she had to help him to protect her in any case.

That's why Landon found them today. Didn't think that she doesn't know what they were doing outside.

However, if she didn't interfere in their previous affairs, it didn't mean that they could act as they liked. If today's Louisa's husband was not Bruce, it was any man in Mu family, she would do it.

"Is that the reason why you asked us back?"

After hearing what Landon said, Alina asked unpleasantly. How could she become like this? Did she warn them for the sake of Louisa?

As a warning, Landon glared at her angrily. Now Alina even dashed forward by herself. She was totally pissed off.

Landon glanced at Alina coldly and said slowly, "can't I ask you to have dinner with me? Besides, it's a big deal for our Mu family. If anyone of you really committed a crime, I must give you a warning in advance. "

This was a warning to them. She didn't want her children to be the same as those of Mu family who hated each other because of a woman.

Although that was not their intention, no matter how they deal with it, they were brothers. So she didn't want her children to end up like that.

At the thought of this, Landon suddenly felt sad. In fact, other people had seen the glorious side of Mu family. But who knew how bitter they were. So she would try her best to

with a painful look on his face, as if he was trying hard to suppress something.

Looking at the three men who were arguing fiercely with each other, Louisa suddenly had a creepy feeling. Why did she suddenly feel a little regretful? She had promised Bruce's request to come to Mu family. Because she felt that family clan was like a dangerous place.

Landon looked at his sons and sighed. The last thing she wanted to see happened. However careful she was, she still couldn't avoid the curse of Mu family's curse.

In this weird atmosphere, Bran's eyes shuttled back and forth between them, and finally fell on Louisa. All of a sudden, he seemed to understand something and jumped off the seat.

She walked to her mom and took her hand, "Mom, I'm sleepy. Go upstairs with me to sleep, okay? "

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa was moved to tears. 'My son treats me the best. The atmosphere is so odd here. I can't wait to leave here, ' she mused.

"Okay, let's go to bed." She stood up quickly and went upstairs without saying goodbye to them.

When they arrived at the guest room upstairs, Louisa let out a sigh of relief. The atmosphere just now was so strange. The members of Mu family was indeed strange.

"Mom, those men downstairs don't have a good person, and so does Bruce. So you should stay away from them from now on. But you don't have to worry too much. I will take good care of you. "

Looking at Louisa's scared face, Bran thought of the rest of the group, patted his chest and promised to her.

If his eyes didn't deceive him, all the following men were very interested in his mother's blood, except Ken and Frank. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so excited after his mother cut his finger.

Even the youngest Sky was curious. Bran didn't know why, but he was sure that it must have something to do with Louisa's blood. So before figuring it out, he'd better let Louisa spend less time with them.

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