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   Chapter 82 A Family Feast

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9335

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Louisa went to Bran's room after she left. Louisa sat there with her face flushed. Since Bran was taken out to play by the servants, there was nobody else in the room except her.

She had seen Ken naked before, so she was too shy to pay any attention to him. When she calmed down, she came up with a question. Ken looked very much like Bruce, which she hadn't noticed before. She didn't notice that until now.

The relationship between her and that man six years ago, coupled with her nervousness at that time, she did not see it clearly. Therefore, till now, she still didn't know who Ken and Bruce were Bran's biological father.

At the thought of this, Louisa's face turned pale. Thinking of what had happened between her and Bruce, she felt that she was really not a good woman. If Bran's father were not Bruce, her face turned much paler when she thought of the fact.

After Bruce came in, he saw Louisa sitting there with a pale face and a thoughtful look. Thinking of that, he sat down next to Louisa and held her in her arms. "Alright, stop worrying about that. I'm here for everything."

It seemed that what happened just now was a big blow to her, and now her face turned so pale. It seemed that he needed to tell them in the future that such a thing would never happen.

But before she could push him away, she looked at him in panic. With this thought in mind, Louisa really could not be so close to Bruce.

After Bruce was pushed away by Louisa, Bruce was a little dissatisfied, but he still tried to suppress his temper and asked: "what's wrong?"

He could clearly feel that she was a little resistant to him right now. Was it because of that troublesome Ken, his recent efforts would be in vain?

After hearing what Bruce said, she looked at him with a sad face. With a guilty look on her face, she replied, "nothing. I just feel a little sorry for you. Can you leave me alone for a while? I want to be alone for a while. "

Afterward, she lowered her head and didn't look at Bruce anymore. Bruce knew that it had a great impact on Louisa. Now that Louisa wanted herself to have a rest, he turned around and left the room.

After Bruce left, Louisa let out a sigh of relief. Now she felt stressed every time she was facing Bruce.

She wondered why things would turn out like this and she fell asleep on Bran's bed.

On the other side, just as Bruce went out of Bran's room, he met Eric at the door. Looking atEric suspiciously, he asked, "why do you come back?"

It was very difficult to see him in usual. But now, why did everyone go back home? Bruce couldn't help wondering what day it was today.

"Don't you know? Mom called us and asked us to come back. She said there was something important to announce and she wanted us to be back. "

y was at odds with them. It was just that after Bran came, he felt that his position in the family was threatened.

That was why he was so resistant to Bran and Louisa, though they would be together sooner or later.

After all, all men in their family were so special. When thinking of this, the worry on Landon's face flashed.

Then she looked up at Eric and said, "so do you. Don't you feel ashamed to bully your brother at this age?"

Eric was often bullied by Sky. It was understandable that he would seize the chance to bully back.

"It's not humiliating at all. Our enemies are aged, and I didn't see any guilt on his face when he bullied me before,"

After hearing what Landon said, Eric replied casually. Hearing that, Bran nodded in approval.

It was not easy to find someone like him who hated the little rascal. Therefore, no matter what Eric said, he would support anything that was not good for Sky.

Besides bullying his mother, Sky took advantage of her all day long. He was a real hooligan.

"Well, whatever I say to you, you have a point. I let you come back this time to announce something when your brother and sister come back. "

Landon looked at Bran and Eric and sighed helplessly. She knew that they must want to know why she brought them back.

However, Landon did not tell them the truth at once, but kept them in suspense.

"Why can't you tell me now? Mom, you can't do this to me! "

After hearing what Landon said, Eric was not pleased. Why did she have to wait for them. He didn't know when they would come back. There were many beautiful women outside, waiting for him to comfort them.

Hearing Eric's words, Landon shouted at him angrily, "go on a date! You know nothing about it! Why don't you bring me a girlfriend. Besides, there are many beauties in the party. Are you sure you can do that? "

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