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   Chapter 81 The Black Dragon

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9501

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Seeing that Bran was finally awake, Louisa breathed a sigh of relief. But she still said in a sly tone, "you finally wake up. I thought you wanted to have a long sleep."

He got up so late in the morning, but he had slept for such a long time unexpectedly. The more she thought about it, the more jealous she felt. However, Bruce didn't allow her to do so. She had to wait for him to wake up from work.

Hearing that, Bran could not help but feel speechless. Now he had every reason to suspect that he was not her biological son. How could a mother talk about her child like that? It seemed that she was eager to see him didn't wake up.

This was how they got along with each other. No matter what vicious words they said, they cared about each other in their hearts.

Looking at the depressed look on Bran's face, Bruce said with a smile, "well, since you wake up, let's go home quickly. It's very late."

He looked like a kid, but in fact, he had a mind of his own. He looked depressed, but he knew how to fight back. Although Bruce had just been together with Bran for a short time, Bruce knew everything clearly.

Hearing that, Bran's eyes shone. With a flattering smile, he said to her mother, "Mom, give me a hug."

Since Louisa said that to him, he couldn't reply with words now. He had to torture her. Let's see if she dares to talk nonsense again in the future.

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa looked at him in surprise. Bran didn't allow her to hold him for a long time. Was it after hearing Bran's words that Louisa was so surprised.

"Can't you leave by yourself? Why do you want me to hold you? "

Confused yet puzzled, Louisa looked at Bran and asked. It was not necessary for her to hold such a big child. She hadn't held him in her arms before, so how could she hold him now.

"My legs hurt." Hearing that, Bran rubbed his shins and looked up at Louisa.

As soon as she heard that his leg hurt, she asked Bran worriedly, "what's wrong? Why does your leg suddenly ache? "

Although Bran had been taking care of her all the time, she was still very careful about his health. Bran had never had any physical problem since he was a child. Now that Bran said that his leg was painful, Louisa was certainly startled.

"Mom, I'm fine. Maybe because I walked too much today, I was a little tired. "

Seeing that Louisa took it seriously, she got nervous. Bran realized that his joke was a bit too serious, but if he told the truth to Louisa now, Louisa would surely get angry. Finding another excuse, he felt extremely regretful.

Bruce stood there with a smile on his face. In fact, he had noticed the glimmer of slyness in Bran's eyes just now, so he didn't take it seriously when Bran said that his legs were painful.

But when he saw that Louisa was so nervous, he also knew that Bran wa

idn't know they were the same person before.

"What's wrong?" Hearing the cry of Louisa, Bruce rushed over, thinking that something had happened.

Bruce didn't expect that he would see Ken lying naked on the bed. Bruce's face turned very pale at the sight of it.

With an unbelievable look on her face, Louisa looked at Bruce who appeared beside her. Her neck was stiff. She took a look at Ken, who was lying on the bed, and then ran out with a loud shout.

After they left, Bruce asked Ken in a cold voice, "Why are you here?"

Didn't he know that it was Louisa's room? Did he come here dressed like this on purpose.

"That's exactly what I want to ask you? I just wanted to sleep here, but you disturbed me and called me a rogue. "

Speaking of this, Ken was depressed. He was sleeping in the guest room of his own house. How could he be so shameless. And now Bruce was desperate to eat him up. What was he up to.

"Don't you know that Louisa lives here?"

Bruce looked at Ken with suspicion, but when he saw the confused look on his face, he guessed that Ken didn't pretend to know anything.

"How could I know? She didn't live here when I left. Besides, my bedroom's bathroom was broken and I was exhausted after getting off the plane. I'm so confused. How could I know that she lives here now? "

Hearing what Bruce had said and looking at the doubtful expression on his face, Ken had the urge to die. 'I'm innocent. I'm exhausted. Why do I still have to explain this to them? '.

Although Bruce had begun to believe in Ken's words. But he still snorted proudly, "humph."

Then he gave Ken a hard look before he turned around to look for Louisa. It must be hard for her to accept the fact that she just left like that. He knew that even though she had been in America for so many years, she was a conservative girl.

She must be terrified with what happened.

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