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   Chapter 80 Question Her In The Office

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Hearing what Bruce said, Michelle was furious. Damn it! Who the hell was that damn Louisa? How could she let the noble Bruce do this for her.

For so many years, in the eyes of Michelle, Bruce was like a prince.

It was very strange for a cold man to take such a sudden action. But Michelle took all these to the hands of Louisa, thinking that Louisa did not deserve Bruce to do this.

"Uncle Ben, help yourself. The food here is very delicious, much more authentic than in America. It's thousands of miles behind the food my mother made. "

After all, Bran was a child who grew up in the United States. It was rare for him to have such authentic food. He took a bite and shouted at them happily.

Hearing what Bran said, Ben smiled in relief. Ben thought the baby would forget him after Bran found his biological father, but now it seemed that he had thought too much.

So he echoed Bran's words with a smile on his face, "yes, your mother did a lot of things behind."

In fact, when they were together before, Ben often criticized Louisa like this, so he didn't realize that there was something wrong with it.

But after hearing his words, the look on Bruce's face darkened. Noticing that Bruce was down in the air, Louisa didn't dare to say anything. She just glared at Bran and Ben.

A group of people finished their dinner in this atmosphere. Some of them lost their appetite while others were very happy.

After the meal, Susie left with Ben happily. As long as there were people to watch, Susie would be happy. What's more, she saw that Michelle, who she hated so much, was beaten up by her. How could she not be happy.

After watching them leave, Bruce coldly said to the two, "go to the company with me. Wait for me to go home."

Bruce had been wearing a long face because he was still angry. Bruce's words may show that he was angry with Louisa. She didn't know why he got mad, but by instinct, she wanted to avoid his touch.

So she held Bran's hand and stammered to Bruce, "we will not bother you. Let's go back first."

If that was the case, then they would be in a very dangerous situation. So, for the sake of their lives, they'd better keep away from Bruce.

Hearing that, Bruce's face turned blue. He looked coldly at Louisa and asked, "do you have a car? I don't have time to send you back. "

In fact, Bruce thought that Louisa didn't want to be with him, so he was so angry.

After hearing his tease, Louisa suddenly became downcast, but then she thought of something and said excitedly to him, "we can take a taxi back."

They had come here by taxi before, so Bruce didn't have to send them back.

However, after hearing what Louisa said, Bruce looked at her with disgust and said, "I don't want people to say that our Mu family mistreated you and your son. As a member of Mu

saw that Louisa really nodded, Bruce was furious. He was pissed off, because he didn't expect that Louisa would really cook for him.

"You will cook the dinner tonight when I come back." Bruce said this angrily and then went back to his seat to work.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa even doubted that there was something wrong with her ears. It had been so many years, but he was the second one who wanted her to enter the kitchen. The first one was Sky. Members of Mu family were even bolder.

But she really wanted to ask Bruce whether he had confirmed it or not? If it was true, it would not be her fault if something happened in the kitchen.

But when she saw that Bruce was focusing on his work, she finally gave up her idea, because she didn't want to disturb him.

She was too bored, so she sneaked out of his office to work. She would rather do the unfinished design rather than stay with Bruce anyway.

Of course, Bruce had already noticed that. But when he thought of watching him working here, it was a little boring. So he left Louisa alone and went to work.

On the other side, Bran looked around the room of Bruce and nodded with satisfaction. However, his father did not disappoint him. The lounge was very clean, and there was nothing that shouldn't have appeared here.

He had slept in the lounge when he came here last time, but he was in such a hurry that he didn't have time to check it out.

Now that the lounge in Bruce's room was clean, Bran was satisfied. He rubbed himself into the bed and soon fell asleep.

After all, he was just a kid and he would get tired after such a long time. When Bran woke up again, he saw Bruce and Louisa standing beside the bed and looking at him. All of a sudden, Bran sat up on the bed, and with his sleepy eyes, he asked, "what's wrong? What happened? "

He felt uncertain when they looked at him like this.

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