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   Chapter 79 A Family Feast

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10067

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But the truth was that Susie knew the real reason why Ben told Louisa this was that he didn't want to break Louisa's heart. Her relationship with Xia family would always hurt her deeply. Although Louisa was back now, it didn't mean that she didn't mind that at all.

After listening to the words of the two people, Louisa smiled with relief. She knew that they were for her good. Even if her family didn't take her seriously, it was enough for her to have two good friends.

Bran glanced at them, patted his chest, and proudly said to Louisa, "Mom, when I grow up, I can make big money. Let this place be your own kitchen."

It was just a restaurant. If it was his mother's wish, Bruce would definitely get it for her. So he didn't need to do it himself.

Upon hearing Bran's words, all of them went crazy with laughter. They were talking about the things happened in the past. Everyone present was very rich now. Even the most poor lady, Louisa didn't treat this place as her private kitchen, but it was okay for her to have a few meals here.

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa said with a smile, "Okay, okay, my son is the best."

At that moment, she felt warm in her heart no matter what Bran said was true or not.

"All right. Take a look at the menu and see what you want to eat. Many dishes here are delicious. If you want to chat, we can talk while eating. "

Ben handed them the menu and looked at them smilingly. Although he couldn't express his feelings in front of them, he just wanted to see them happy.

"Why are you here? What a coincidence! "

Michelle's voice came from behind. She must be very happy now.

However, unexpectedly, both Louisa and Bran felt a chill on their bodies. With stiff necks, they turned around and saw Bruce standing there looking at them coldly. She just came out of her heart, but how could she meet this man.

And this man acted as if she had done something wrong to him, which really made Louisa speechless.

Hearing that, Susie could not help but roll her eyes at the sky. Then she said ironically, "is it a coincidence or someone did it on purpose? Who knows?"

She just didn't like this woman. Every time Michelle pretended to be very kind, but in fact Michelle had a lot of wicked things in her stomach. Louisa was so naive that she couldn't see that. Don't think Susie didn't know that. Michelle had been in love with Bruce for a long time, but Susie still didn't know what Michelle would do in the future.

Hearing what Susie said, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Michelle's face. After all these years, it was the first time that someone showed no respect to her.

"It's really a coincidence, Mr. Bruce. We meet again." Since they were already here, no matter what was going on, Ben stood up to greet him politely.

A bitter smile appeared on the corner of his mouth when he thought of the possibility that he could have a nice dinner with them.

After hearing what Ben said, Bruce shook hands with him with a

the best. How about I recommend you some? "

After the dishes were on the table, Michelle looked at them with a disdainful smile. Even if they stayed in upscale hotels, they would be discovered by ordinary people easily.

"We do not often come to eat, but we don't have such delicious restaurants in America, unlike you often come here. Besides, everyone has a different taste. We don't like the food you like. Don't impose your taste on others. "

Hearing what Michelle said, Susie could not help but roll her eyes. How could there be such women everywhere. And this woman is satirizing them for being low class?

That's ridiculous. No matter how powerful Lin family is, it's not as good as Zhong family? It was so ridiculous of Michelle to play the machete in front of Ben.

Hearing the harsh words from Susie, Michelle explained sadly, "I am not..."

As a matter of fact, Michelle really hated this bitch. She didn't talk to Susie. Why did Susie always oppose her.

If their company hadn't insisted to cooperate with Susie, Louisa wouldn't have been there, and what would have happened now would not have happened.

She hadn't settled accounts with Susie yet, but Susie chose to fight with her. However, although Michelle thought so, she did not show it at all.

"I just like eating these. These are all ordered according to my mom and me's taste. I haven't had such an authentic Chinese cuisine for a long time. I really can't stand it."

Bran was so eager to eat. In fact, even a clever person could understand Bran's eloquence.

The seemingly innocent words of a child had actually very well refuted what Michelle said.

No matter how good the jewelry was, they would try their best to get it. Even if they didn't like it, as long as he and Louisa liked it, nothing else mattered.

Hearing what Bran said, Bruce whether understood it or he pretended not to.

Then Bruce picked up some food for Bran and Louisa, and said, "since this is your favorite, please eat more."

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