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   Chapter 78 A Secret

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"Women are so troublesome." Said Bran in a low voice. Then he took his seat and sat down to eat his food.

No matter what Louisa and Susie said, Bran had gotten used to their daily whispers.

Hearing Bran's words, Ben looked at Bran with love in his eyes. Then he sat next to Bran under the director's jittery eyes.

"Bran, how are you doing in Mu family?"

That was what he had been worried about. Now he could only ask Bran for help since he was not able to ask Louisa about that.

Hearing that, Bran didn't even raise his head but took a bite of the pancake in his hand. Then he raised his head slowly and said to Ben, "what you want to ask is how my mom is at Mu family?"

Don't think you can lie to me as a child. If you really care about me, why don't you come to see me. Now Ben came to him hypocritically to ask if he was good to him. Ben must want to ask Louisa.

It seemed that even though Louisa was married now, Ben was still infatuated with her. If Bruce didn't put on a good show, Louisa would probably be taken away by Ben. Then Bruce would have no place to cry.

It was the first time for Bruce to sneeze in the office when he was working. This had never happened before. The executives sitting in the conference room were all wondering what happened to their CEO today.

Even Bruce himself didn't know what was going on. He just couldn't help it because he had never been so emotional.

Did someone miss him? Louisa appeared in his mind.

With this in mind, Bruce was really happy. But he still looked so cold that no one could guess what he was thinking.

Bobby looked at Bruce carefully. Although Bruce looked the same as before, he still sensed that Bruce had changed.

However, with the fury in his eyes, Bobby didn't have the mood to ask why Bruce changed his attitude.

Bobby knew that he was going to have bad luck again. Thinking of that he didn't go back all night last time, Bobby suddenly had a bright sadness.

On the other side, Ben didn't expect that Bran would be so straightforward. But after a second thought, although Bran was still a kid, he had a lot of ideas.

So what Bran said was all right. Anyway, Bran knew that he liked Louisa, so he simply nodded to admit.

"Almost okay, but not bad, except a few of some bad boys. But there is a bastard who always wants to take advantage of my mother. "

Seeing that Ben nodded to him, Bran thought for a while and then replied to him. But Bran pointed out Sky's meanness. If Ben misunderstood him, he would teach Sky a good lesson.

Sky should blame himself for always thinking about how to take advantage of Bran's mother. He always looked down upon Sky in Mu family. But it seemed that Alina didn't like them very much.

"What did you say?" Hearing what Bran said, Ben asked in surprise. And from the look on his face, it could see that how unsettled he was.

"What's wrong?" Although Bran knew why Ben asked such a question, he still pr

to Bran's words, Louisa squinted in satisfaction and nodded gently to Bran. Seeing that, Bran could not help but feel speechless. Forget it.

Like Bran and Susie, Louisa wanted a luxurious meal. It was just that Susie and Bran had spoken it out, yet Louisa hadn't.

In fact, Ben had already seen their interaction, but he just looked at them with a smile on the corner of his mouth, full of affection.

"Louisa, is this the restaurant you said?"

Although Bran didn't say anything, someone else did. After sitting down, Susie finally thought of something and asked Louisa.

"Yes, it's nice here? I knew you would love it. It's beautiful. "

Hearing what Susie said, Louisa forgot that Ben was still here. It seemed like this was owned by Louisa.

"Good job. We grew up here. Why didn't we find such a good place before? "

Susie asked as she examined the surroundings. In the past, Susie's family was rich. How could she not know such a good place.

"I don't think a person of our level can know the place. The money we brought at that time may be enough to buy a glass of water here. "

Then Louisa thought of something else and forced a bitter smile. She got her living expenses only from part-time jobs. She was reluctant to drink coffee. How could she know this place.

"The scenery and environment here are really good, but as far as I know, it is newly opened here. It's understandable that you don't know."

Feeling sorry for the not being able to see through Louisa's sorrow, Ben quickly dismissed the subject. Although he hadn't been back for a long time, he had come here several times.

Previously, he didn't find anything special about this house. But now, looking at the excited faces of Louisa and Bran, for the first time in his life, he found that the scenery here was pretty good.

After hearing what Ben said, Susie, who was still struggling, slapped the table boldly and said, "I see. I've told you that I should know this place."

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