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   Chapter 77 . Tell The Truth Or Not

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9447

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Why did Louisa keep saying such misleading words? He knew she didn't mean it, but he couldn't help getting emotional.

"Okay, here we are." Noticing that there was something strange between the two of them, Bran looked around and then pointed at the restaurant outside.

He did it so easily? He not only had to take good care of her mother, but also had to prevent others from robbing Bruce's girlfriend. After returning home, he must ask Bruce for mental damage compensation.

"Why is it here?"

Louisa looked at the restaurant in front of her incredibly. It should not be said to be a restaurant. It never occurred to her that this was the restaurant that Ben had chosen. She used to come here a lot.

But after returning home, in order not to think of the sad things before, Louisa did not dare to come here again. So when Ben stopped here, Louisa couldn't help but make a sound.

"What's wrong? Have you been here before? " Even though Louisa said in a low voice, yet Ben still heard it. He looked confusedly at Louisa and asked. But as he turned around, he saw a flash of sadness on her face.

"Louisa, if you don't like here, how about we change to another place? There are so many restaurants nearby anyway."

Ben looked at Louisa worriedly. The look on Louisa's face was just so pitiful. Ben couldn't help blaming himself for taking her here before he figured out what had happened.

The reason why he brought Louisa here was that Susie told him that Louisa liked the food here very much.

And he was not familiar with this place, so he brought Louisa here. But looking at the expression on Louisa's face, he kind of regretted.

"Don't worry. I used to come here before I went abroad. It's been so many years and this restaurant is still here. "

"Ben, what's wrong with you?" She asked.

It's no big deal. The past is the past. It was not a big deal. Now she had such a sensible son as Bran. Other things were not so important to her.

"Are you really okay?" Seeing that it was late Louisa, Ben asked worriedly. Just now, Louisa's expression was so frightening that she was afraid that he would worry about him, so she forced a smile.

"I'm really fine. I just thought of the past. Now I'm here safe and sound. It's no big deal. "

Hardly had she finished her words when she opened the door and got off the car. Looking at her back, Ben sighed.

He was attracted by her just because she didn't lose her temper. But now he felt heartbroken to see her pretending to be strong.

But now Louisa had got off the car, Ben had no choice but to follow. Not until he saw Louisa get out of the car and take him into the restaurant did he feel relieved. She pulled herself together and followed them inside.

"Welcome. Who are you, please?". Are you Louisa? "

After they could ent


After getting along with him last time at the banquet, he knew what kind of person Bill was. Bill had a selfish heart. How could he do that for the sake of Louisa.

But seeing that Louisa was so happy, Ben didn't have the heart to tell her directly. Because he didn't want to see Louisa be disappointed. If this could make her feel a little better, then let her think so.

"I don't know if you're right, but I shouldn't have treated my father that way. He must be very sad at that time, and it is also reasonable that Justina treated me like that. "

She didn't take in a word of Ben. Her mind was occupied by the unfriendly attitude of her last time when she met with Bill.

Now she regretted so much. How could she have done that.

Looking at Louisa and the words she said, Ben sighed helplessly. Now she had assumed that no matter what he said to her.

He was really worried that such a person, who was eager for a family relationship, would be used by them one day. If that was the case, it would be a fatal blow to Louisa.

"Well, here's the thing you want."

When Ben was about to say something, the landlady who just entered the shop came out with some packages. Bran shook his head to tell Ben to stop talking.

Although Ben really wanted to tell her the truth, he had to swallow his words when he saw what Bran did. Now that Bran did not allow him to tell, it meant that Bran had understood what he meant.

With Bran keeping her company, he didn't need to worry about her so much. Moreover, Bruce was not a coward. He would not let Louisa take advantage of Xia family.

After they went out of the restaurant, Louisa was still in a low mood.

On their way to the site, she kept silent. It was not until they arrived at the site that Louisa came to herself. She didn't give Susie a surprise, but pulled her aside to have a private talk.

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